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Novel Bridal Trip

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It is a littlc out of the usual ordor to niake a bridal tour on a Miw-issippi river flat boat, and it is not often done, hut evory now and then a spirit of adventure strikes into the lieart of a loving pair, and the excursión is made. Last ycar, or year before, a Captain Epsy, of Hisiti Sun, Ind., niarried a beautiful ühio Valley belle, titted up a real bridal chainber in exquisite style, and, regardless of exponse, started on a voyage to the lowcr MiaaisBJpti, wliere the live oak fbrcsts tower, and the frngrant orange blossoms spread their odor upon the breeze. The couple passed several months in this way, and the time was delightful for both. Yesterday, another pair of bridal tourists went by here, going south on a flat boat. They were also from Rising Sun, Ind., a i-hort distance below Cincinnati, on the Oliio, and the boat was one mouth out from her starting point, the pilot being Captain Thomas, and the same who staand the Ep?y boat south last season. It was the silver bridal trip of Captain aud Mr William Hemphill, of llising Sun, a couple well off in worldly goods, and whose residence is the fiuest and toont attractive in the town of Rising Sun. The gardens and groves in which their house is situated occupy ten acres, all in a high state of culture and carefully kept. In addition, the captain owns a large and productivo farm near by. He has been flat-boating for the past thirty-four years, and this is the first time Mrs. Hemphill ever made a trip from home. Their children are all grown but one, a lad of 14, who accoinpanics his parents on their voyage. Several of the children are married, and all are wcll-to-do. Tho boat upon which Captain and Mrs. Hemphill are floating dowu the river contains 5,000 bushels of corn fur distributiqn and sale ainong the sugar plantations in Louisiana. At one end of the craft is a neatly fitted cabin, where a state room is comfortably fitted for the lady and her spouse. She enjoys the novel voyage, ílie says, and will not in future allow her husband to uiake other trading trips on this