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Maiuc News. Hop Bitters, which aro aJvertised in our columns, are a sure cure for aguo, biliousness and kidney complaints. 'i'hose wlio use them say they eannot be too highly recoramemled. ïhoso afflieted should give them a fair trial, and wil! becoine thoroliy onthusiastio in the praise of their curativo qualities. - [Portland Ad. Regúlale tlie Socretions. In our endeavora to preserve health it ia of the utmost importance that we keep the secretory system in perfect condition. The well-known remedy Kidney-Wort, has a specific action upon the kidneys, liver and bowels. Use it ïustead of dosing with vile bitters or drastio pills. It is purely vegetable, and is prompt but mild in action. Piles! Piles! Files ! Do you know what it is to suffer with Piles? If you do, you know what is one of the worst tonuents of the human frame. The most perfect cure ever known is Kidney-Wort. It cures constipation, and then its tonic action restores health to the diseased bowels, and prevents recurrence of the disease. Try it without dclay. Gastona Milllons of Mothers express thcir deliglit orcr Castoria. It is nature's remedy for assimilatiiig the food. Uulikc Castor Oil, il is ile;is;ui! totilkr.nnil Morplilnc Syriiiw, it is harmless. Castoria regúlate the Bowels, destroys Worms, Cures SOUR CURD AND WIND COLIC, and iilays FcYerishness. What gives health to the Child promotes rest for the Mother. Chlldren cry for Pltcher's Castoria. It is the most reliable, effectire and popular article dlspensed by Druggisls. NE7ER Slnce hcalinj remedies havo been nsod by surrsRiNa ioan bas thore been knawn pucb absolute Pain-relieving agent as the CENTAUR LINIMENTS. They ootho, heal and euro. Thcy HEAL -Cuto, Wounds, Oalla, Old Sores, Droken Brcasts and Sore NIpplcs ; CITRK- Pain in the Back, Rhgumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Earache, Tctter, Pimplen, Itch, Salt Kheura, and all ileeh, bonr and motcld 0 ailments of Animale ; sriUH K Intlummatimi mul Kwelling! ; Boll, Felón, Ulcero, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, C'roup iind Qninsy ; KXTRACT-I'iin from liurn?, Sculd, SUurk, Frost-bilcs, Bpraina and Hruiaes. The experience of centurias lias made the CENTAUR Xiinimonts the most ejKïcdy and eflecüve curativo tinenta for MAN and BEAST the world hae ever known. The Centaur LINIMENTS have rolieved more bcd-rlddcn Crlpple; licalcd mora frlgliirul wounda, and saved in 01 e vuliia ble anímala tlian uil Uu-r linimente, ointmi'ntö, oüh, t'xtractH, plaBleru and so-callvd "pain killers" and "skin cures" combined. l'li NjlcfaiiM and Vetcrlnary Snreona endorde the Centaur LlnlmeiitN ; uiillioim i.f iiumi. women and cbildren lu all countrie ue IliPin, and UousekeCDerrt, Farmern, Planters, Trávelen. Livcrymen, Teamstera and Slock-uruwere, are thoir patronx. Tbey are clean, they are handy, they are otaeap, and they are reliable. There Is no ache, pain, or welling which they will not alleviate, uubdne, or cure. Sold throuKhout THE HABITABLE GLOBE for fiO rente and $1.00 a bottle. Trial boules, 25 nt. Catarrhal P01S01T Wet c Meyer Treatlne on Catarrh czplaius the following important facte : 1. Thai Catarrhal Colds become a poisonous infection, at ürst local, and flnally coiutittUional. 2. That, belng Cuimtltatloual, the infection is 6eyond the rtach of mere local remedies. 8. That impurUU in the nostrlls are necessnrily waltowed into the ttomach and ïnhaltd into the liings, thus poitoniny tho Digoative, Kespiratory and Qenito-Urinary orgaus. 4, Thai Catarrhal virut follows the nrncons membrane and causes Deafnttt, Dysepsia. Chromc DiarrbcjuA, Bronchitis, Leucorrboia, and Cousiimp tion. 5. That Smoken, Douches, Inhalations, and Insoluole Snuift, cannot polbly remove Infectlous lullamïnatlon from the organn numeil. (i. Tiut an antidote for C'atarrb must posness an an Inoadative afllnity for, and tho quality of beini; absorbed by, the purnleut mucons wherever located. llascd upon these plain theorie.s, De. Wei De Meycr's Catarrli Cure has proved to be infalllble. It not oiily relieves, It cures Catarrh at auy stapo. Home testimony : Cured! Cured! Cured! Cured! W. D. Wood, 4K7 Brotdway, N. Y., Curod of Chronic Catarrh. F. J. naalett, S59 Broadway, N. Y., 4 years Catarrh. O. L. Bnish, 4 Broadway, N. Y., 10 years Catarrh. 8. Benedict, Jr., Jevfelor, 97 Broadway, N. Y., (lady friend), cured oí Chronic Hay Fever. Mrs. Kmma C. Uowes, Sfl W. Washington Square, N. Y., cured of liU years Chronic Catarrb. Rev. Qao. A. Keis, Kilt Jay SU, Brooklyn. " It restonil ma to my ministerial labor." K.v. ('has. J. Jones, New Brihton, S. I. " Wortli ten timee the cost." Iiev. Alex. Frees, Cairo, N. Y. "It hiw worked wondert iu six cases Ju my puiísh." L. F. Nuwman, 305 Faltón St., Brooklyn, cured of t years Clironic CaUrrh. Mre. J. Swarte, Jr., 2N0 Warren St., Jersey City, curedof 1S years Chronic Catarrh. &c. &c. 4c. 4c. 4c. A real cure for thi terrible mulady is the most important discovery for the relief of buniun BUfferinj linea varcinatlon. Wei Ie Meyer'x Catarrh ('ure is sold by all DrufrgieU, or ilelhered by D. B. Dkwby & Co., 40 Dey St., N. Y., for H.3O a pnekaffe. To Cluhs, lx packaRes for S7.5O. lr. Hei Me.vor'M Trcutis-. with ruil explnniitions and overwliolming proofs, is ]iOMt-paiil ai.d sent fvvv to anyliody. U52-10U2 - eow DOES AXY WORK IN HIS LINE. Bnclne, Afrrlcnltural Machlnery,8cwlnf: Machinen ïid Lockn repaired. Turnlng, Key-flttlni; and inj; pnnnptly done. Kcvps a irood usuruncnt of Cutlery, IM-ks mi Tools, whidi wlll ba sold cbeap. No. 36 South Main Street, A.NN A!U)OK. KW-ilK