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Dr. S. Whittier

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The Cily Railway ('ouipany of liieago works 1,760 Hor, llead what Superintendent Squiret lm to say : We use cxulusivcly Whittier's Liniinent. It wil! pay all owners of horses to cali i write. M. W. SQÜÏRB8, Sup't. C. ('. K. ('o. The fekpreM C'ouipany unrki 370 Ilore. Ktad w hat Miperinlendcnt Kiiidlit lia lo aj : 1 have beon uing Liniment on the horses of the Americnn mm! Baitod States lixpress Company stablcs for 24 years. I oever met any that had oiiü temli the murit )i Whittier'ö Liuiment. Our atables are opon. Cali ani) see for younsolves. H. KNIGLIT, Sup't. üj S. Ex. Cp. The Transfer Company of Chleiteo work 7S I llorx. ltoal ivhal Wffl. Ol i A. CO. have lo ntiy : 124 Michigan Avenue. - Whittier's Liniment shuuld bc in barn. It has real ïierit. The oontraetora for elcanins or Ihe city work 2 1 Horftcr. Hcar ulial C. 'T. HOM II U Is. &, VA, have lo say : Whittier's Liniment will cure more horse-" in one day than all others in a month. C. T. HOTCÍIKISS & GO,, Street Cltanin; ( .' ,nitrai;tor.-. Seralehc, reaited Ilecl, Thrtitli, Gal led ipol Iroai aiij :(¦¦-, lical np ín u-om luo to I li ree appll t(in. an! jou can work the liorwe e%ery lay, and jou eau ewre hiin al llie ame linie. Il will take out all iiiilaiiiinalioii in a few moment. There is no Remedy on Earth that Equals Whittier's Liniment for Rheumatism. It will have the saine eireet iipon the liiiinan. I'ile-, Seroliila, Bcald llead, alarrh, PlmBlei or Itloiehes on l'iu-c or Body, Oltl Sorc, or l'reh Cut. ____ ONLY 5O CENTS L BOTTLE. NO. 204 EAST WASHINCTON STREET, CHICACO, ILL. FOK SAJLB BI II. J. HKUWK & O., ANN AKHOH. UJS-IOUH- ow