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mmSB The power of arrestini diseaso dispiayed by thie prepararon íb honorably acknowledfjed hj the medical faculty ín evcry scction where It bos been introduced ; and the lan?e sale is the best guarantee of the eetimation in whicb it Í8 held by the public. The Sjrup wlll cure Pulhonak i ion in the flrst and sccond stages, wlll pive [reut n'lief and prolong Mie in the thlrd. It wlll cure Asthma, BttONCRITIB, LaRYNGITIS :ili'l COUOH9. It WÜl CUre all dlgeases originating from want of Muscular Actiün and Nervoüs Forcs. FOR THK EFFECT I'RODUCKD BY Fellows' Compound Syrup of Rjpophospliites In Diseaae of the Lun;, the Inventor is pürmitted to rcfer to the Medical Gentlemen of St. Juhn, N. B , whosc Bignatures are attached hereto. WILLIAM BA YARD. M. D. KDIN BAYAKI), M II. THOMAB WAÏ.KRR, M. 1). JOUN BARRÍ VAN, M.H.K.i. DR. JOHNS I'ONE. UB.c.s., hi. CiK('KK KKATOli, M. 1). W. U. HARDING, M.K.c. .1. D. WI1ITK, M. D. T. W. CAKKIT, M. D. I, Aaiion Alward, Mayor of the City of St. John, In Uu' I'rovince of New Hrunxwick. haviny .'lamlned the rignatup-K attached lo ihe foregoln permtt ol rrferenc:, hereby cortify that 1 belk-vu tht'm all Genuine. 1 can aleo teetify to the high therapeHtiCSl vulne of Kelluws' Compound Syrup ot Hypoilioeptii!T-. conslder !t deserviug of ntteution by the profesièion geuorally. ,v.-r, +m n tfptiraony whercof I have hercunto ;j jrr4?ü „,,, my dn,,, sn affix,.,! ,„y Peai of , (nat A Mayoralty, al the city St. Jobc, tlii Oih ff Seal. g[ day of Fehruary, in the rar of i ur l.'tnt ,í -.t OSfl thouand eiv'hL hapdred mul sixty-??¦ lifc-ht. AAUUN ALWAHD, II. 1). l.i'tti-r froin llf. .1. Haimon. n. l. Chipman, 1i:kkn'h County, N. It. I can eafoly and oocmistontfcf reconaraevd your invaluahio propanition in a varicty ofcaeee, eepëcfally for 'hi'nt Ummw, liavim: t-ucix-K.-fully pncrlhed t ín BronchltU, Asthma, Debility frotn Liver t'm plAint. Debïlity from Kevert, and Debility from Inipoverishert 13tood. 1 am, ir, yoora iruly, JAMKS SAI,MON, Pratticinc l'hysician and Sur-oon. SOI.D BY ALL DRDGGISTS. 960--97K IL. S. Lercli. Agent, Ann Arl.or. ANTON EISELE, DEALER IN MARBLE ï GEAIITI MONilMDHTS The pnblic la iuvitod t cali and cx&mim1 pccimcTiB tf the celebrated KNOXVILLE,TENN.,MARBLE Of which we hate a supply ot' iltsurun. It is ' superior to any niarblo in beauty and duruhi'ity, and ; tuiten the place of 8c tcb Umnite. rtRM m)vi:ktii WII11K AU, WA11I1ANTED. Shop- Cor. of Dt'troit and Catherlue Ste. ANN ARBOK, MICHIGAN. 915H ÁÍ1 7 ab out IJS 'V h "C 8 E N D ITL T"Z 1 E AÜL) of the CAZETTEER A CUI DE, which contAtna full Information on all matters of latí relaiingtoth" Lone Stnr state." nd a aew correct couiity mp of Toza, 36 x 36 lnotaes. JOHN ROSS t CO., GEN L AGENTS, ST. LOUIS.MO. i