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The Last Hymn

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Th.' s.ilihnlh day was ending, in a vlllage by the sea, The ultered bencdiction touohed the people tenderly, As they roee to face tbe sunset iu the glowlng, llL'lltril Wtst, And then imstened to thelr dwellings forGod's i :.-sm-ii i i .11 of rest. liut they looked across the waters, and a storm wils raging there; A flerce spirit moved above them- the wild splrli of the air- Anil il Inishi il :t.i ml toro them, till they thutnJered, groaned and boomed, Au d, alas I for any veeaal iu ihetryawulng gulf eiitombed. Vory iiixlmis were the people on that rocky soul oi Wales, Lest the dawnft of coming morrows shonlil be telling awful tales, When the sea bas pent lts passlon,andshould 0M1 upon theshore liils of wreek and swolien vlctims, as it had done heretofore. W'ith the rongh wlnds blowing round her, a brave woman strnlued hereyes, And she saw along the blllows a largo vetuse) lalt and rlse. Oh ! H diil nut need a prophet to teil what the finí must be, l'i.r do hip oonld rldc in safety near thatshore on such a sea. Then the pltylng people hurrlcd from thuir homes, and ilironned the beach. dh ! tor the power to croes tlie waters und tbe perluhtng t reach ! HelplesK hands were wrung for sorrow, tender hearts grew oold wltli dread, And tlieship.urged by the tempest, U the btal ruck shore sped " She hos parted in the nilddle ! Oli ! the liali of her goei down ! God have mercy! Is heaven far to seek for ihose who drownï" Lo, when next the white, shocked faces looked wilh terror on tbe sea, Only one last clluging figure on the sjim was si-en to be. Nearer tbe trembling watchers cauie the wreek tossed by the wave, Vud the man stlllciung and floated, tliough no power on earth oould ;i . " (Jou ld we send hlm a sliori niessajf ? Here's a trumpet. Sbout away !"' 'Twas the preacher's hand thut took It, anil lie wondered what to say. Any niemory of his sermón 7 Klrstly ? 8econdly? Ah, no! There was but one thlng to utter in the awful hour of woe; So he shouted through the trumpet : " Look to Jesús ! Can you hear?" And " Ay, ay, sir !" rang the answer o"er the waters loud and clear. Then they listened. "He is bingin ¦ lJcsus, lover of my soul ;' " And the winds brought back tiie echo, " while the nearer waters roll;" Btranse, indeed, It was to hear liini, " till the slorm of llf is past," Singing bravely from the waters: "Oh, recelve my soul at last." He could have no other refuge! " Hangs my belpleRS soul on Thee ; Leave, on. leave me not !" The singer dropped al lust into tbe sea. And i be watchers. looking homeward. through thelr eyes with teara made dim, Said : " 1 i ¦ l'aHsid to be with JeMis in the smlng of lliat hymn."