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Wrlttcn íorTHK Courier. Washington, D. C, March : Anothcr Democratie blunder ! The other day Washington was startled by the announcement that the public printer had furloughol nearly all his help, and must stop work of all kinds except printing the Congressional debates. His appropriation was exhausted and he could not exceed that without violating the law. What was the cause of so carly an cxbaustion of his funds? The extra session and the starving out political game of the Democartic party. The Democratie ruajority had not the sense to pass a deficieney bill early in the session, as askcd for by the public printer, and in that way to cover up their tracks in a measure. The Bourbon leaders are very unhappy at this result of the afluir, because it is calling attention to the uselessness of their extra session, as well as its extravagance. Postmaster General Key and his assistant Brady are not gaining an enviable reputation by their assumpticn of right to override the law prohibiting them from exceeding their appropriations in expenditures. Their testimony before the Postoffice Cowniittee shows tbat they have wilfully disregarded the law and they will not get all they asked for as a deficieney. it ia the close of the first week in March, when Randall said Congress would be rcady to go home, and yet no important business has been done. The new rules have just been adopted in tbe interest of Democratie partisans, and now I Buppose the Democrats may consent to a little attention to the important appropiation bilis. Mr. VVood brought up bis bill for refunding the debt at 3i percent., yesterday, and iiiadu a speech in its favor. Mr. Gillette, Greenbacker of Iowa, presented a substitute, which provides that all the debt which becotues due within two years shall be paid and not rcfunded, and the way he would pay it would be by issuing a large amount of zilver coin. The bill provides for retiring the bank notes and substituting government money. There are many who tay uow that the new refunding bill can beouie a law at this session. Senator Logan has made a very able speech against the restoration of General Fitz John Porter, and it is said that many Democrats have revised their opinions on the question since he has shown it up. By the way, I see the name of General Logan quite generally used as probable candidate for Vice-President in case Senator Blaine should be given the first choice. Illinois or Indiana will undoubtedly claim second place on the tioket.