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Death By Morphine

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For soine time past Horace Lathrop, who lived at the toll-gate just south of tlie city, on what is known as the gravel roatl, has been laboring under a depression of' mind because of threatened litigation respectiug the road. A large shaje of the stock was owned by him, and, of' course, he was creatly intercsted in its success. Last Friday morning he left bis home stating to his family that he intcnded to see a gentleman in this oity with reftrence to looking over the books of the road. But instcad of so doing he took the 12 o'clock train for Toledo, and upon arrival there put up at the Burnett House, securing a room until the iullowing Monday. He had evidcntly procured niorphine before going to the hotel, and immediately commenced takiog the same, with the intention of suicide. He was called Saturday morning, partook of breakfast, but immediately re tired to his room, paying he was sick. At about 6 o'clock P. II, the bell boy was again sent to his room, and found him under the itifluence of the opiate, uneonscious and breathing heavily, and though efforts were made to revive hiru, it was of no avail, and he expired some three hours subsequcnt. A bottlc and two papers were found which had contained morphine, but neither wnre labtled, so it is impossible to teil where the drug was obtained. Telegrams were iiumediately sent to his relatives in this city, and his )n, Orlando Lathrop, went upon the firnt train, which was not until Monday, however. Mr. Luthrop carne to this county from New York in 1832, settling in Pittsfiold. He was bom in 1806 in New [lainin-hire. He has always been a respected citizcn and considered honorable and upright in all his dcaliiiir-i. - Stnoe writing the abive we learn that the stockholders claim there was 3omething wrong about Mr. Lathrop' management of the afTairs of the roal, and that ari investigaron was about being instituted. Be that as it may, he has cancellcd all accounts by paying the debt of nature.