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Shrewdnexs and Ability. Hop Bitters, so f'reely advertised in all the papers, tecu'ar and religieus, are having a largo sale, and are supplanting all otner medicines. There is no denying the virtues of' the Hop plant, and tlie proprietors of these Bitters havo phown great shrewdness and ability in ompounding a Bitters, whose virtues are so palpable to every one's oWrvation. - [Exchange. My tioort Wonuin, Why are you o out of sorts, never able to teil Iblks that you arewell? Ten to one, t'8 all caused in the first place by habitual constipalion, wliich lias, do doubt, finally caused deranged kidnevs and liver. The sure cure for constipation is the eclebrated KidoeyWort. It is also a specific reiuedy for all kidney and liver diseas".u. Tbousands are curcd by it every month. Try it lt ODCC. CHILDREN Cry Tor Pitcher's Castoria. Thcy Hke it because it is sweet ; Mothers like Castoria because it gires Iicalth to the oiiild ; and Pliysicians, bccanse it contains no morphine or ïuinerai. Castoria Is Nature'g Remedy for assimil.itin? the Food. It cures Wind ('olie, the raising of Sour Curd and Diarrhaa, allays FeverIxhness and kills Worms. Tluis the ( lilld luis hen II h and the Mother obtalns rest. I'Ieasant, Cheap, nul Reliable. CENTAUR LINIMENTS The most effectlve Pa in-re lie ving1 agentB for MAN and BEAST tho world has ever knowo. Over 1,000,000 Bottle fold lant ycar ! The reasons '' thia unprecedentcd populaiity are evident ; the Centaur Xainiments are made co deserve confidence. tbey are absorbed into the etructuru ; they always cure nci nover disappoint. No person net-d louyer en fier with PAIN in the BACK, Xtheumatism or StifV Joint., lor the CENTAUR Llniments will sur'Iy extermínate the Pain. Thcre is no SI rain, spi-ain. (ut, SiwiM, linru, ltruisc, StitiL', Gall or I,imcness, (o ivhieli Mankind or iMnnb lirntcs are subject, that docü not respond to this Soot hinu' Iialm. The Centaur LINIMENTS not onlj relitwpain, hnt they incite healthy actlon, tubdue injlamirwtion, and cure, whether the symptom procecd from wowuU of tho fieah, or Neuralgia of the A'erves ; from couruci.,i Cords or a scalded tiand ; from a sprainetl ankle or & ijnJicd ooi ; whether from diggugtini; PIMPLES on a LADY'S FACE or a slrained joint on a lloi'scs Leg. The agony prodneed by a Hnrn or Scald ; inortiflcation from Krost-bites ; Swellings SromüUniii ; il" tortura of RKeumatUm; C'ripplcd for He by sume neglccted accident ; a valuable horte or a Doetor'í Bill may all bc saved from One Bottle of Centaur Liniincnt. No Houeekecper, Farmer, Planter, TeamBter, or Liveryman, can affonl to bc without these xoonderJul LinimetUs. Thcy ran be prorured In any jmrt of Vu globe for HO Cvnts and $1.00 a bottle. 'J'rüd bottlee H Vcnts. Svallowing F0ÏS0U Spurti o dUiguiling mveous from the nostrlle or npon the lonsilt, Wati ry Kyes, SmiJHis, Buzzing in the Kara, Veaneis, crackling seneation In the hnad, Intcrmittent Ma over the Kyi-s, Kilbl Jlr'iltfl, Nasal Twang, Scabs In the Nostrils, and Tlrkling In the Throat, are SIGS OF CATARKII. A"o other $iich loathaome, treacherons and undormining malady carees mankind. One-Sfih ut our Chüdren die ol diseaíes generated by lts liiftctlou Poison, and one-fourth of living men and women drag out miserable existences frum the sumo cause. WhÜE asleep, the imfjwifies in the nostrils are ncccssarily twalloived into the stomach and inhulrd into the lungt to poison every part of the nystem. Dr. Wei De Mojer's Catarrh Cure absorbs the purnlcnt rirus, nnd kills the m'imIs of poinon in the fiirlhest piirts of the Ijltmili It will not only relieve, but eertainly cure Catarrh at any stage. It ia the only remedy which, in our jiidnient, haseyer yot reiilly curcd a cuse of Chronic Catarrh. Cured! Cured! Cured! Cured! G. O.Prcsbiiry, Prop. U'it End lintel, Long Branch. Cnred of 20 ycars (.'hronlc CaUrrh. S. Benedict, Jr.,Jeweler, 697 Brodway, New York, (raemler of fauiity) Cured of Chronic Ciitarrh. E. II. Brown. M Canal St., N. Y., Cured of 11 jretr Chronic Catarrh. J. D. McDonald, 710 Broadway. N. Y. (SlBter-in-law) Cured of 40 years Chronic Ciitarrh. Mr. John Doiighty, Kishkil!, N. Y., Curcd OÍ8 yeare Chronic Catarrh. Mr. Jacob Bwutx, .Ir., 2Ht Warren Street, Jersey City, Cured or IK yer Chronic Cutnrrh. A. B. Thorn, 1HÍ MoutHgue bt., Brooklyn, (welf and t n) Cured of Cattirrh. Kev. Wm. Andcri-on, Fordham, N. Y., Cured or 2(1 year Chronic Catarrh. Mlle. Almee, Opera Prima Donna, " I have receivcd very great benoflt frora it.11 A. MrKInney, R. K. Prex., 39 Hnwd K., N. Y.: "My ÍHinily experiunced immudlatu rcliel." Sc, Ac, ,vc , &c, Ac. Wei De Meyer's Calarrh Curo is "tho most important Medical Discover) since Vaccinatiou. 1 1. s U liy aíl 0nifgiU, or Uellrered by I). B. DaWKT & Co., 4(i Uey 8t., N. V., it $1.50 a padMge. To clubs, si packagea tor J17.5O. Dr. Wei De Mcycr's Trcatise s sent freo to anybody. eów