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How A Brother's Death Was Not Avenged

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The Jewish Talmud relates ;i curious adventure which happencd to King David. It occurred some ten or twelvc years al'ter liis interview with Goliath, in the valley of Elali. It will bc remembered that David, on that oooasion; nsed a ding. Itissaid, in the Seriptures, that he put liis hand in lus lag and took frimi thene.e ¦ stoiic and "liane it." Itwas the custom of nhep uerda in thOM daví to oarry a sling and a bag of' Btoues tied to thé girdle. The MB6 OUftom pr.-vail ¦ DOW in Spain. The shepherd men u.-o Bliocs in neraing tlioir Mttle, and are exoeedingly skillful witb tluiii, and tlir.iw ttones wiih great accuracy. In Kiiiy David 8 time fcbey not only used these sliugs in controling their herds, but al-" in war and in hunting. David interview wilh Goliath took place aboul 10G3 B. C, according to Bible chrooology. It was a grand exploit, and raised him trom a shepherd boy to the sublime dignity of a king. About eight years afterward, when he was only thircy years of aee, he was annointed King of the Jews at Hebron, tliraiu, Kiog of'Tyre, ent meMengen to him, and cedar trees, and carpeniud masons, and thcy built hiuj a house, und lie tnok " more ooncubinos and wivcs out of Jerusalem," and had solía and daughters born unto him like any other king. Between Hebron and the Dead Sea lay tlie wilderness of Judah, in which there were multitudes of' wild game of various sorts and sizes. This wilderneS'S bordered on the fton tiet of the Pbiütiiies, overwhom a brother of Goliath nanicd Ishbi, reigned as king. One day while David was out enjoying his usual sport of' hunting, the devil appi ared belbre hini in likeiiess of a beauliful roe. David threw a stooe and missed him. lic, however, continued the pursuit with such reckless eagerness that Inlore he was aw:ire of' it, he f'ound himsell' in the lands o(' the ftiljstines, an.l in the very presenee of the brother of Ooliath. Ishbi instantly recognizcd him as the hero wlio slew tho giant, and tirod with vengeance, seized him, and binding him mrk and heels. lüiil him under a wine press, in order to press him to death. But by some miraole, the carth bcneath became soft and Ishbi could press po wine out out of him. That cvening thure appeaaed in the Jcwish congivgution at Ilebron, a dove with silvcr wiig-, pwnifesring great perplexily. Thil iny.-ti! iuu. apparitiou was nt once rcoognized a warning that the king was in danl'i r. I i n_''s counselor instantly tnounted I fleet horse, and soon found hunself at (he door f the house of I.-hbi, the Phiiistian King. '1 he kin's niother stood in the ipinniog, and recognizing the eiunselOT aa an lraelite, thrrw her spinning wheel at him. It forlunately mi-sed him. Ishbi i'iitiii die trouble, and f'earing that David uiL'ht rc!eaíC himselt', join his counselor and overpower him, run to the winc press, seized David, and tbrowing him high in the air, fixed his spcar in the ground, point upward expectinp; David would (all on it and be killed. But the counselor pcrfnrmod one of' those magieal trScks which had Deen haoded il'iwn from Moaea and Aaron, and David hung in mid air unharmcd. He, however, soon joinod histaithf'ul oouoeelor, and the two feil upon the unfortunate Ishbi and despaiched him. King David returned fco Hebroa,and great was the rejoioingat his snfe deliverrfnje from tlie hands of the l'hilistinc-. The " Wildrnes of Judh," sometimes saukd the "Desert of Juduh," was the Modoc Billa of Judea, and was tlie battle ground whcru many u tiercé and bloody conflict inok place belw en tho Israelites and the Philistines. It is noted nuw as tlie only place on eartfi wltere (nat exccedingly cuiious fruit, known as i he Apples of Sudum, grow.


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