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Total Abstinence In The White House

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Tho Iadies would gencrally vote tor Sire. [layes for a second term. It is safe to-say bat no lady in the present generation has produeed a more favorable impression by :he grace and simplicity of her manners in presidins; at the White House than has the. It is worth a journey to Washington :o see so simple and unconvimtional a lady it tbe vers head of the best American iocioty. lier faca is wonikrfully mobile ; t conntantly expresses her own genuine enoymeot in ihe enjoyment of her gueMs. lier laugh is eontagious ; and it would be is impossible for a photograph or even a portrait to picture the lite that sparkles in her face as for a picture to portray the sunshine that dances on the dimpled surface rf a lake which ever and anon breaks out into a quite rippled laughtor. Her social victory is complete, and has been won aftor a hard battle. The story has been told before but it is worth retelling. 8he oaine to Washington determinod not to offer wine to her jtuests ; this waB the determination of a lifetime, and she would not and could not abandon it. To Bive a state dinner without wine was deslared to be knpossibla ; all Washington society was opposed to her ; I believe it even became a Cabine t question. For a yt:ir alie was a target for the sortof arrows which it is so hard for any woman to bear unflinchingly. But she bore it all ; by her patiënt pernistence and her tact she carried the day and conquered Mrn. Grundy in her awn üeld. She never has offered wine ; Washington follows her lead ; and I doubt whether any State capital, not excluding the capital of Maine, is a more thoroughly tempeiance cjty than Washington today. The exclusión of wines and liquors from the Capitol dates from the days of Senator Wilsoo, but I judge that public sentiment has grown strongor, and that the exclusión is more complete now than eter before. As pou go to Capitol Hill along Penusylvania avenue, you come to a liquor shop with a sifin extending out over the sidewalk. On it are the words : "The Last Chance." On the reverse side, scen as you come back from the Capitol are the words: "The First Chance." Possibly a man who nnjerstands the appropriate signáis can find n chance fur a drink at the House or Senate restaurant : but nothine stroncer than