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The Reliable Man

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The rcliabie man is a man of good juds;mtnt. He doos not juiup at conclusions. Ho is not a frivolous man. He i thoul'tful. Ho tornt over a subject in his inind, and looks at it all arouud. He is not a partial or one-sided man. He sees through a thinfc. He is apt to be a very rotiocnt man. He does not have to talk a Rreat deal. He is a moderate man, not only in habita of body, but alo in mind. He is not a pas sionate iuan ; if so by nature, he has overeóme it by graco. He is a sincere man, not ¦ plotter or Kihenier. W hat he says uiay be relied on. He is a Irustworthy man. You feol sale with your property or the iiliiniiis!r;iti('ii ol' affairs in bis bands. He ia a brave uian, for bis oimclu.tions are loiiically deduced froni the sure basis of truth, and he doe not fear to maintain them. He in a jjoihI man, fir no one can be thorou'hly honeat and trui Mul without being goud.