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Real Estate Sales

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John Schweikert, William Andres, Franklin L. Parker, John Flynn, James F. Seely, Christian Mack, Frederick Schmid, William Freer, John Jetter

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The following real estáte sales have been recorded in the register' s office 9ince our last report : Emnia E Carter to Samuel G. Miller, property in Alin Arb r, $7,000. Ananias Vandercar to W. J. Dunninjf, land Augusta, $300. William J. Dunning to George Forshee, land ia Augusta, $200. Gaorge Forhee to Robert Brown, ñve acres, sec. 31, Augus'a, $.SO. George Denner to Frederick Mayer, land in Lndi, $262.60. 1. Kelsey to Adam Groshans, land ia .-ec. 8, York, 1 1,350. S. Norton Salsbury to Benjamin ü. Kelly, land in sec. 34 and 27 township of Xpufltati, $3,000. Joseph Onerschiuidt to George L. Williams, 40 acres, sec. 30, Sharon, $925. Theodore Ulrioh to Theodore Ulrich, 60 acres Freedora, $1.000. Williani Millen Kauip to Mary Hartbeck, la,nd in section 24, Freedom. $2,500. Albsrt Blaess to John Stanger, lot in Ann Arbor. $950. Sidney O. Rathfon to E Iwin Crane, e. i s. e. i sec. 15, l'ïtt-fieïd, $4,000. Edwin Crane to Sidney O. Rathfon, land in uc. 2", l'ittsfield, $6,000. Aianson H(lbro)k to John Pater VVeidin iy. r and Aaron Weidmayer,80 acres, sec r6, SWioe, $3.940. John Xüircl io Charles Patzoch, lot in ïpkilanti, $500. l'liillip il. Pone; to Jeremiah Boyle, laml in thetownsWp of Ann Arbor, $1,900". 1 .iniol F. Reoves to Augus: Brodernitz, 90 acres, -ec. Ifi. Salino. $4.500, Frederick J. Lawrence to John F. Hubbard, undivided Jt interest 2i n. i and t, S acres s. e. i seo 22, Augusta, $2(K). Thomas Kiüiiiing to Patrivk Murpliy, 40 afres, ser. 'Ju, Iam1ih, $i)iHt. Haniet H. Patton to Ulive M. an 1 Harri't A. Patton, property in Ano Arbor, .no. David Schailile und Frederick Keok, s. éj me. 2 and the n. 50 acre sec. 21, Lodt, ió.440. Nelfon C. Ackley to John Hiller, 80 acres, sec. 16, Lima, $5.mio. David Blackmer t) Edwin R. Troup, 50 acres sec. 24, Saline, $2,125. William W. McL-inahaD to G. Watson Sly, land Milan village, $2,350. QCIT CLAIM DEEDS. J. Webster Childs and John F. Hubbard to Samuel W. Killiuybeck, property in Augusta, $110. Aseoith and Ransom J. Swartout to Monroe E. Swartout, lot in Ann Arbor, $1. Hartuon Allen to Lovatus C. Allen, 80 acres, sec. 27, York, f 1.500. John Scliweikert to William Andrés, 120 acres, sec. 17, Scio, $150. Frankhn il Parker to John Flynn, 40 c. 30, Frerdnm, $3. James F. 8 ely tn Christian Mack and Frederick Schmid, 83 acres, sec. 20, Saline, $4,000. William Freer to John Jetter, 120 acres, oc. 14 and 15, Ann Arbor township, $8,400. A RAiMioAD clcrk and niember of the r at Adrián pleadod uilty to stealmg Ê600 trom the coiupany, and Jndge Cooley, )f the supreine court, who was fitting as udge of the Lenawec court, suspended t'iitonoe. A young boy atole a $30 suit of clothes about thi same lime and pleaded imilty. Il was his, and he was i poor boy, but he got four years in State rson. - [Kvening News, March 3, 1880. Tiik Monroe .Monitor pays : ;' As the r 40 P. il. exprc s train of the Canada Southern, bound lor Toledo, was leaving lie depot in this city, on Friday evening ast, a si range deck passenger was disepvred quietly perched on top of the ro ir car. 'his Btrattta passenger was naught else han a wild turkey. At what station or ilace he boarded the train, or how far he had stolen a ride, ofcourse was not known, ind as he was not discAvered until the rain had commeneed to tuove off, he robably succeeded in deadheadiog his ;ly hrough to Toledo.