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How People Are Taught To Throw Youth Away

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Krom tlie New York Qraphlo : There is too mucb edueation into oíd age. We don't recognize it as Büot the young of' both sexes oq arriving ''of' age" are virtually taught to beconie old. The girl on leayiog off short frooks in soon taught that it is unladylike and improper to romp. She must cease the impetuou run of cliildhood and walk in a diguified tnanner. Custom gives her evcry enoouragemeat to become sluggish. Her dress is a iah ionable system offettering thcbody. Whcii she marrica, the restrictions necissary f'or the cultivation of old age are still more strictly enforccd. She must then assoriatc only with married woiuen. 8heÍ8received in tull meiubership with the female niarried clan. It is undignified longer to asociate with young girls if she beso disposed. She may do so í'or a few years, but the unwritton laws and social mandates of the period are more subtle and powerful in thoir workings. A hundred unforeseen iufluences force her in the conveutiona] path. Frieöda and relatives reprove, advise, censure or ridicule any habit of an unconventional character. She finds herself in a thicket where to do ought save advance in the narrow path troduen by eonventionality is to eneounter a myriad of thorns. So she is doottied to the cotnpany and as'l" who have involuntarily iJe it the business oftbvii i:.v.o tu grow old, atid she grows old with them ; cultivates sluggbhness, walks as little as possible and getsthe liver cotnplaint. Age is developed in many ways. Through weight of domestic cares and duties. Through dress, which imprisons and fetters. Through a life five-sixths spent in the house, and when not in the house shopping at the store. Through cultivating the habit of looking on thedarkest side of'everything. Through grown updignity which can never unbend into a run or a romp. Through constant repression of the playfulness which was checked wheu she doDned the dress oí the gvown up woman. People who play and who are not ut'iaid to "uiake foolsoftbemselves" retain their youth much longer than Mr. Practical Sobersides. The hubitudesof the ruind ufluenue the condition and go f'ar towards shapiog the body. The differcDce between the face of the man who laughs and the man who suiiles proves this. Probably a correspondí difference could be found in their lungs and livers were those organs examiued after ilcjith. liuts and grooves of occupation promoie oíd age. The man oi' fifiy, who bas spenl liis lile in travel and has lived in uiany piaees, and whose associations and sooietie have been eonstantly ohaaging, will, pre Miiniug he has takeD ordinary care ol liimself, show lesa signs of age than the man chaiuod for a similar period to a desk, who moves penduluui like from house to office, day by day, and who has made scarcely a dozen new acquaintanccs. Contrast the hod-carrierof forty-five with the man of likc age, who bas exerciscd moderately, lived generously but temperutely, whosc miud is active, broad, full of ideas and plans, and who is eonstantly on the move about the world. The first show markud signs of premature age ; thasaoood is in his prime, full of blood, vigor and vitality- Breadih of mentality, fulnoi-s and activity of idea, frequent changc erf ptaee and associatioo, added to temperate babtts of body, are preservativos of niatured vigor. It was said of old : "Man shall not live by bread alone." Every new thought, every fresh idea in a balanced brain. brings with itacertain healthy stimulus, whicli im parta newlife. l'hilpsophers, mwatMteand writers are longerlived than those eng'.ged in purely niechanical occupations. The causo of this Koes beyond that I" range of deduction and conclusión callad reason. liut statistics will vciily tl.i' wbstance of the assertions here made. It is not tlu'ii reasonable to auppose that as the range of human knowledge widens, and iiiiixls become more and more quickened with the living fire of thought that existence up to the point of three score and ten, and even later, may become in BXperierxM, fuller of life, light nad happiness than ever.