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A Boston School Girl's Protest

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I K. B. in ïraveler:- Fray don't bundle ua all inlo one group, label us "schoolgirls" and beliove that one word gives tbe key to all our qualities, as a single bone the scientist a olew to the construction of anunkpowp animal. "Siihoolgirl" impliis a hoidenish couipound, half romp half would-be young lady, ciad in shurt dress, wearing two Iraids of' hair down her hack and a syumielrical baog in Iront, a showcr of "awfully jollys" in conviisalion, and an overpowering cascade of giggles. There ia the eonventional picture. In a few yénrs t will havo beconie for us tk bighly colorad "giri of the period." Do you kuow her? According to his uiajB8ty, popular opinión, she "winks and gigglcs and simpers," has not an idea beyond whalebones and lace, and is devoting her fniinuent of mind to the pursuit of that fabuloua aniinul - tho coming man, Well, deur Kiandmaiiimas (no, the graDdniammas know us too well to snrer at us ! ), but bachelor úneles, spinsters and cliiklkss wiilowers, if we are the creatures you describe, has not the mistiken training of your generation made us üo? But wc are not. We do not claim to be miracles of intelligence or discretion, but we do assume to be healthy, sensible girls, who meau to step sturdily into the ranks vacated in the coming years by the thoughtful women of to-day. We are not respon sible for tlie failings of some who were bom ia the same year with us, more than you deserve to be ranked as an opium eater becausc your next-door neighbor is addicted to the drug. Vte have our faults, and t!ny sliall be f'rankly aoknowledged. VVe lu uso a s'ipcrüuity of adjectives and indulga in an excoss of gigglu, butisnothing to be forgiven us on tne score of our exuberance of animal sjiirits ? But let not he sins of others be visited upon us. Betause certain schoolgirls in pre historicages uiay have chewed slate peneils, shall that ïseful utensil be henceforth a general sym)ol of disgrace? Because one girl, on her vay to school, signáis some equally neaaea Doy, and tuen retails the flirtation ecstatically to her most intímate frieüd, is (liar proof that none of us have a spark of propriety or iocipient womanly dlgnity? No, I believe our aspirations are rather pitched too b.ih iban too low, so that we aie in danger of becoming sentimental over theorios instead of flirtations. We are enihusiastic, and bulieve heartüy in a milleniunj which is to occur within a f'ow ycars, itter we havo "crossed the threshold of life," whioh is the stoek phrase of valedic torians f'or graduation from school. We shall then writc books, teil people exactly how to live (whicli recipe thoy will be snre to follow), abnlish all misery by our insight Dto Ün'. problema oí' lifu and, in short, renovato tliis old planet ; and reinember, the schoolgirl of to-day is the wouian of the world's to-morrow. As for the girl who interviews her dress maker with such preseveranca, and can only be supported by candy during the tedium of study, she will doubtless have r ";ol'tly and wddeuly vanished away," wliile we are still 'rushing madly ahead, in our zeal to discover the shark." Wc i}lfr not mM 'ieri we shall only inscribe a J'icjacet" on her tombstone, followed by a conspicuous cipher.