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Save Your Money--good Advice To Young Men

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The Earl of Derby, one of the forenst statesmen of England, on a recent public occasion made the f'ollowing remark : "You will sometiines heir people talk - young people, especially - as if there waa someihing mean and poor about the habit of frugality, and as if squandering were the habit uf a generous nature. If ever that fallacy is uttered in your hearing, just put your loot upon it and trample it uut." There is a wqrid of wisdom in thia brief remark, of which all young men should take heed. Every young man who saves a part of his incomo, whatever the amount of bis incoine may be, is more respected for so diiing. It shows a habit oí% B1-'If'denial which strctwi.ion., hts whole character and iuakes it more mauly, bolder, and more elevatcd. In spending what you do spend, and ought to spend, spend it freely and generously- not all fór yourself. Never show a mean and miserly spirit, and the way not to show it is not to possess it. Hut, on the other hand, let no temptation to squander ever interfere with the habit and the rule - which should be inflexible - to lay aside soinething.