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Awful Crime Of The Rebel Beasts At Richmond And Andersonville

Awful Crime Of The Rebel Beasts At Richmond And Andersonville image
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Fïoin "The Story of the Rebel Prlaon." IWrctt, whom the iofanious Winder ippoioted to W'irz'.s places fora period, devised gome ingemous tortures of his own. Oii ih: protcxt of suspecting a tunnel, he refused to supply any ratious to the whole camp until the tunnel diggers were given dp. Fur three days and iiights 13,000 men f rew fainter with liung.T, until they were ha'f oiazed. Exhausted, they rollcd on the groand, and prewed in their bowels by reaning against stiolia of wood laid across llieir thigh.s. On tho tfaird duy, to save tlieinselves from dying in these agóniea of hunger, tbey drew luis and delivered up four etitircly innocent men a.s the tunnel diggeri. Tlii is what followed : Ihe devoted four were brought out - one by one- and their hands tied together beliind their backs. The a noose of a slender, strong heinp rope was Blippod over tin; (irst one'sthumbsanddruwn lilit, af ter whic'li the rojie was tbrown over a log pro jecting from the roof of tbe guard-house, and two or three rebels hauled upon it until the miserable Yankee was lified from the round and hung suspended by the Chumba, while his weight seemed teaiing his limbs from lm shoulder blades. The Otfcsr three were treated in the same manner. 'The agony was simply excruciating. The boys were brave, and had resolved to stand their punishment without a groan, but this was too much for human endurance. Their will was strong, but natuie eould not be denied, and they shrieked aloud so pitif ully thát a young reserve standing near fainted. Kach one screamed : Por liod's sake, kil I me ! kill tue Shoot me ifyou want to, but let me down froin here I" "The ooly effect of this upou Barrett wa fo light up his brutal face with a leer o fiendish satisfaction. He .said to thc guard with a gleeful winlc : " 'By God, l'll learn tluse Yanks to be more afeared of me than of the oíd devil himself. They'll soou understaud that I'm not the man to fool with. Tin oíd pizen, L am, when I git started. Jest liear 'ein , 6()ueal will yer V "Theo walking from oae prUouer to another, he said : " 'D- n yer skins, ye'll die tunnels, will ye? Ye'll try to git out, and run thiough the country stealin' and carryin' off niggers, and uiakin' more trouble tlian yer d - d necks are worth. l'll learn je all about that. Ifl keten ye at this sort of work again, d - d ef I don't kill ye ez soon as I ketch ye. ' "How long the boys were kept up there undergoing this torture cannot bo said. Perhaps it was an hour or more. When they were let down at last all fainted and were carried away to the hospital, where they were weeks in recoverinj,' i'rom tlie effects. Some of them were crippled for lite." Thus, in that far-off Georgian swamp, peiishcd 9,479 brave men in eight months -these are the official and admitted figures. Tin was a sacrifice wholly unnecessary. It was ? wr. it was murder. Wlio was responsible ? Liiü. xvi.. „iono ),na nna„-.-a tor these hideousdeeds, thatmake usblusb for our civilization, but the author of' tliis remn'-kttklo Toluum ufllrms, noi wkiiuut reason, that other and greater rriminal than he musí bear, at the judgruentseat of history, if nowhere cWe, the burden which is too creat for his narrow shoulders. Winder and Wirz and Barrett were but the instrumenta. Howell Cobb and Jeff. lavis tnmself were behiodand above them. Winder was Jeff. Davis's intímate friend and confidante. Davis knew what Winder was doing, he must have known. His brutal ferocity was a by-word in Ilichrnond before hewas sent on to do his full work at Andersonville. It was he who, when the victorious Union forcea were reported as Dearing the prison pen, itsued the order, unparalleled in its savage vindictiveness, whiob ran thus: Headquahters Military Prison. l AvíHiN-.j.-rii in, U.., Jul; ,,1N, , The officers on duty and íd oharge of tho battery of Florida artillery at the time will, upon receivin notice that the cnemy has approached within seven miles ot'this post, open upon the stockade with graneshot, without refcrence to the situation oeyond these lines of defense. John H. Winder, Brigadier General Commanding. This man was not only unpunished, but the government is to-day supporting his children in luxury by the rent it pays for the use of bis property - the well-known Winder building, which is occupied by ono of the departments at Washington. JefF. Davis knew his man, and he must share with his satrap the full infamy of Andersonville. There wereotherofEcersof tho confederacy, some of thein Democratie leaders to-day on the floor of CongreHs,who knew as well as Davis knew of Wimler's shameful cruelty.