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The Griefs Of Mortals

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Imagine a proclamaron by Júpiter, "that every mortal should bring bis griete and calamities and throw them in a lieap. " He took his stand in the center, and siw the whole human species, mariliing one after another, and throwing down tlieir several load-i. He obsprved one bringiiiL' a bundle, yery caref'ully concealed under an oíd embroidered cloak, whicli, upon tbrowing into the heap, be discovered to be poverty. Another, after a good doal of puffing, threw down bis luirage, which was f'ound to be his wife. lie saw multitudes of' oíd womeu throw down their wrinkleti ; there were great hcaps of red noses, largo lipa and rusty teeth ; in trutli, he was surprised to see the greater part made up ot' bodily deforruities. Uut what BKMt MtOnUhiSd him of all, was that there was not a single vice or f'olly thrown into the heap, for he concladed that every onewould take tbií opportunity of Ketting rid of passions, prejudices and f'railties.