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Republican State Convention

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A Kepublican State Convention, to select four delegates at large and two frora each Congresst.miil District, to attend the Republlcan National Omventlon at Chicago, June 2d, wlll be held al the Opera House In the city of Detroit, on odnesday, May lSth, 1HSO, at eieren o'clock A. x. In aocordance wlth a reeolutlon adopted at rund Raplds, May lOth, 1876, every county Is entltled to ono delégate for each 500 votes cast Ibr Governor at the last general electlon (In 1878), and one addltlonal delégate for every fractlon of 800 votes, but each organlzed county will be entltled to at least one delégate. Under a resolutlon of 1858, no delégate wlll be iitltled to a seat who does not reside In the county he propones to represent. JAMES McMILLAN, Chalrman. RICE A. BEAL, D. O. FARRAND, J AMES O'DONNELL, T. 8. APPLEGATE, CHAS. W. CLISBEE, D. B. AINGER, LEW 18 W. HEATH, H. 8. SLEEPER, W 8 GEORGE, H. C. SE88I0NS. RICHAKD WIN80R, CALVIN WILCOX, TUKO C. PHILIPS, EDGAR WEEKS, J. H. CHASDLBB, I. A. FANCHER, JOHM M. RICE, Republlcan State Central Commlttee. H. K. TKOVVBHIDGE, Secretary. j-The County of Washtenaw Is entltled to sUteen delegates.