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There Is Work To Do

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If' suocess is to be obtained in the coming political conflict, it is necessary for the llepublican party to be up and doing. Tbe campaign is rapidly approaching, and if it overtakes us before we are prepared, so mach more difficult will be the problem of victory. One great secret of the success which has crowned the party with victory in the past, has been its admirable organization and business-like methods of dealing with its opponents. The time to organize is noto. The comintr Presidential election will not be won by apathy or inaction. Work, persistent, persevering, hard work must be forthcoming if' the grand old Republican party would succesífully cope with its wily, intriguing opponent. The attrocious frauds and rank dishon'y of the Demócrata in their attempt to steal the state government of Maine proves only too well the methods that party will adopt. They will stop at nothing to gain their point. To meet this perfect organization is necessary. Every city, every village, every tow'nship or ward, and even every school district should have a ooniplete organization of its llepublican forces. W'ill ynu not step into line and inaugúrate this movement now? Let us have Republican clubs formed immediately so that in the heat of battle the party will have its rank closcd up and be ready for any onslaught. Besides, there will soon be documents to circuíate among the people, and canvasses to bo made, and an immense sight of such labor which can only be effectually accomplished by clubs or association8 of soine kind. In the coming pritnaries look well to the interests of the party and put in live, wide-awake, working Republicans as delegates and as members of your township and ward committees. It is time to wake up. Do not delay, thinking some more energetic friend or neighbor will take the lead, but take hold of the lines yourself and drive ahead. Go to work as if you meant business, and the impediments to victory will rapidly disappear. A gathering of Greenbackers known as the "lirick Pomeroy" wing of that former party, was held in St. Louis a short time ago. Just as a matter of curiosity to our readers we give the nominations then made. For President, Stephen J. Dillaye, of N. J., and B. J. Chainbcrs, of Texas, for Vico President. ,