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The County Agricultural Society

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An adjourned meeting of the cxecutive committee of the Washtenaw Co. Agricultural and Horticultural Society was held at their room in the court house, last Saturday, March 13th, therebeing a very full attendaoce. The main business of the tueetiog was to hear a report of the committee appointcd to obtain special premiums in special dcpartments. The following premiums for poultry are offered by the various breeders of this city, aniounting in the aggregate to $41.50. Mr. H. C. Clark, of this city, offers: For beet collcctlon of pigcons, $10 00 For beot pair bronze turkeyB, 1 yr„ eub. to Poultry Bulletin valuo 1 25 For heavley cock of any ae or breed, setting of egl'S value, .,-.. 3 00 Bt-t display of Silver Spanplvd HamburgB, 1 . Plyinoiuh Koek cockerel vdlue, 5 00 Total of Clark's premiums, $18 25 D. J. Fisher offers special premiums: For best plan of ben house to accomodntc city fowls. 1 00 For 1 doz. larsest egijs, 1 yrs., oub. to Am. Poultry Journal value, 1 25 Total 12 28 John J. Walker offers: For or flnest collection of Hulit brubina, f 10 (10 Wm, A. Halch offers: For bent pair llght brahmaa _ t l 00 For beet pir dark brahnia, 1 00 For bt'st pair plyraouth rocks, 1 00 Kor best pair Bilver BpangK-d hamburg 2 00 For best collection ot land and water fowls, 1 pr. of öllver spangted baniburgd vulue, _.. 6 00 Total til 00 By request of aeveral breeders, the premiums offered for the best herd of five or more thoroughbred cattle rrespectife of breed or sex, have been reduced and a diploma offered in connection, the latterbeing valued more than the difference in oash. The premiums hereafter will be : IkI premium $." 00 and diploma '( pr'miuai, i:t 'M' and diploma M premium, $i W and diploma The special premiums offered for the baby show will amount to at least $50, some $31 having been voluntarily given, and the genial secretary, Mr. N. M. Schoff, assures us that this will be one of the grandest attractions of the coming exhibition. We are requested to ask the manufacturera, business men, and (penalista in any step fbrward and offer special premiums in thcir respective lincs. It is expected that tho prominenco given to uch aciion will more ihan repay those who offer the premiums. Some ohangcs were also made in the member9hip of the exeoutive committee, which will be piven in due time. The Dcxt meeting will lo held on thfl iMih of Murch.