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CALL THE ATTENTION OF THE LADIES TO THE FACT THAT WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF NEW SPRING GOODS WILL BE DISPLAYED IN ALL DEPARTMENTS OF THEIR BUSINESS AT PRICES THAT ARE BOUND TO TAKE THE PUBLIC BY STORM : rtioirc Mik Hiid Worstcd DremCood), norma D'Indo, Drap Pompadour, patine Otlomiine, Uro de ¦ ro Til Via" ircnoh 11 nd i:nKiili de Belve, all woo Homl Clotk, Freneli and American all ooi Kuniinli ii all IhV cl." ir U "nade! and color, al prioc far moro (hu oan bc eipei 1. .1. Our Mour, in" lRarïmc..l aluay ha il MKlal atlrao.ions and ZlTrvluZ" itC ik and BerM are eapeelally nolvd lor Ihelr olor, bnnil) and wcar. Wc o Hor Ui } r'"L '' ' ' " '" k " i 'iiiiirod siik' Examine our RemarkaMe Barfatess Lu and !.? Black BUItal i.j.,, i..,5 huÍi i W wárranted m Twear or the monoy refiuded. Our lew prleei ivo expíala y ¦ loriimau pur ?ha?! Ow)ug l" llic unpreoedeiited ¦¦eeeM ol our ale or EiulroiderioS and Un v . ...a.U ENOEMOUÖ PURCHASES. Our lock Is more Ihan doublé II usual MM. Clioioe Kmbroidorio, Real Brolon and Mcoliliii toeM, nïïtew laoè" "i'loo, lïrabanl Aloiioon, Valoiioioimo and Torohon laoo. rndorolollimS. 5Se bar'ain iii 'lïi "lopar inoiil, wlilof oroalod MICS B lir dur.ii Iho lal twe wook, will bo tomínnd fle attentlon 1? ihT Dranaaken i dlreeted to the ra i tbal we aro roooivinK m, largeu ÓVm . .. oV r"V4 TrimminKN und Gamitare oo..iprii..K toUnt and volvoi ... blaok and eolen, rokin Mrlned and BrSeade wik, iripod Batla and Vol% i. a(ill and Mol re, Frlnacw, Ribbons, Itutlon "nd !iiiip" Vine eonrlnced late iat MMWon Hiat thero ironld be a large advanoo ¦¦¦ moroiian. ÍÍ"" wö made óur puroliae aooordiníjlj and aro llioroloro enabled lo oll, r our enllrc Stock of IllÓAohod and lr.ui Miooliiia, liirliiiK and PlllOW CaM nulin, lioiniii. I iokim:. Rag; an.l BattiiiV C'ra'loi Tul lo Vinoi., Towol anl apkin al pi ioo Ilial oannol lo diiplioalod I, parr.o, tbal "o 'oompónöd io at iru e r..ii..K io-d!.y. All goods marked n plain fl-ures and no dev.ation. All misrepresentation of goods strictly prohibited. MAOZ &c SCHMID. 778-781