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The Law and Dental Departments close next ednesday. Mr. H. W. Wilhelm, from the class of '80 at Cornell, visited friends here in the city this week. Last Friday, npon inviution from the Senior Lyceum of the dental department, Prof. Rose delivered a lecture treating of "An Analysis of the Saliva." The Sigma Clii had a supper last week. Anothnr Smith has just received office. This time it is a freshman. In other words, last Saturday morning, after a close contest, Mr. C. N. Smith was elected President of the class of '83, in the place of Mr. P. B. Haid, reaigued. Jacob Van Kipcr has been appointed Regent in the place of George L. Maltz, of Alpena, resigned. He is prosecuting attorney of Berrien Go., and gome months since was offered the Judgonhip made vacant by the resignation of Judge Coolidge, but he declined preferring tofollow his professinn. Mr. W. H. Beadle, a gradúate of the literary and also of the law department, spent a few days in Ann Arbor last week. He is the superintendent of education in Dakota, and has in charge the cstabliahmeut of a school systein in that territory. Therefore it is with this object in view that he is now visiting the eastern Universities. The annual catalogue appeared Monday morning. Insteadof dividing the students in the literary department into classes as formerly, the natues of' all are arranged in alphabetical order, with the number of courses each one has couipleted up to the couimenceuient of the present college year. There are 1,427 undergraduates n the University, who have 160 courses to select from. This makes the largest number of students in any American Umversiiy. Wednesday evening the Beta Theta Pi held a reception at the house of Mr. 11. A. Beal in honor of Messrs. Coe and Finch, who gradúate next week from the law department. Besides those in the chapter here, the company had the pleasure of meeting Major Runsom, of Port Huron, and Prof. Brown, from Ypsilanti. During thecourseof the evening those present were entertained by cornet solo by telephone from the house of Mr. 0. B. Davison. After the supper the time passed quickly, being filled up with songs, speeches and conversation. The other day when a chimney on Mr. Cumming's house caught fire, one of' the studente rooming there became pretty badly scarcd. He packed his worldly possessions in a trunk, carned it out of doors, pulled a pistol out of his pocket, eet down on the trunk and prepared to feil his lift dearly if anybody came along and wanted either it, or the trunk. But no one seemed to want them, the fire eoon died out and he after awhile breathed easier, and soon recovered enough to carry hisgoods back to the room be had so quickly deserted. Last Friday evening the University Masonic Association had a banquet in Masouic Hall. An address of'welcome was delivered by Mr. W. Boughton, which was followed by a declamation, sketch of' Masonic history, reading, and music. The cornpany tin 11 ;i-.sembled around the festive board, and having feasted physically they turned to the intellectual part, which consisted of the toit : Misonry, responded to by Mr. Mansfield ; the University Masonic Association, by Mr. Wutts ; the Medical class, by Mr. Thorp; the Law daas, byMr. Kitchen; and Masonic hall, by Mr. Baxter. These being concluded the remainder ol' the evening was spent in social interoourse. Prof. Hennequin has kindly consented to again instruct a class in fencing. He does thiswith the understandingthat there is to be no pay. It is simply f'rom his interest in athletic sports, and influenced by the belief tbat they are bettcr students who "have a sound miud in a sound body," that ho undertakes it. Pencingbringsinto uso all the ni usóles and is very invigoratiDf. Saturday morning, last, he met those intercsted in tbe formation of a foncing cla?s, and tho " University Fencing Club" then came into existence with Mr. C. S. Mitchell, President, Mr. Fox, secretary, and Mr. Hathaway, treasurer. It was decided to secure an armory, and to meet for drill on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8, and Saturday forenoons from 10 to 12.