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The f'ollowing real estáte sales have been recorded in the register' s oflBce since our last report ; WARRANTEE. Eugene Ousterlin, to Wm. Horning, property in Ann Arbor, $320. John George Dingler to Ann Arbor oity, lot 10, south J lot 9, $1. Betsey Van Netten to Peter Van Netten, lot 595, Norris' western addition, Ypsilanti, $200. Andrew Springstead to Patrick Callan, lots 16 and 17, Larzeler's addition, Ypsilanti, $600. Levi Mallorey to John George Bohnet, 51 J acres, Pittsfield, $2,500. Martin L. Foster to Kobert E. Northard, lots 12, 13, 13, 15 and 10, village of Dexter, $100. Catberine Kats, et al to Allenbark, ten acres, eect31, Freedom, $2000. Louisa J. Cody to John Naumann, land in Pittsfield, $200. Wm. Ilulbert to Emcline A. Johnson, property in Ann Arbor, $1,000. John Berkle to Michael Luckhardt, 30 acres, seet 28, Lodi, $1,500. Geo. day tn Joseph and Iloward Daisley, property in Ypsilanti, $1. Julius F. Watling to Thomas Lamborn, 00 acres, sect. 30, township of Ypsilanti, $2,700. James Wilkinson to Frank II. Barnuin, property in Ypsilanti, $1,000. Jacob Mohardt, by heirs to Charles Attenbank, 10 acres, Freedom, $290. John Berkle to Michael Lockhardt, 30 acres, Lodi, $1,500. Alonzo Alsaver to Edgar Alsaver, land in Webster, $75. John George Thenrer to Godfrey Dieterele, 40 acres, sect. 19, Saline, $1,400. James N. Martin to Geo. Martin, 100 acres, sect. 24, Manchester, $6,000. Geo. Martin to Henry Hall, 26Í acres, sect. 55, Manchester, $1,000. John J. Ruil to Geo. Martin, land in Manchester, sect. 35, $400. James T. Aulls to James H. Martin, 200 acres, sect. 15, Bridgewater, $9,000. Asakel H. Heath to Francis Heath, property in Ypsilanti, $4,500. Nelson Sutherland to Lydia Sutherland, 10 acres, Pittsfield, $500.
Owen McGloin to John N. Gott, trustee, property in Ann Arbor, $400.
Geo W. Bailey to Benj. Bailey, property in the village of Manchester, $300.
John N. Gott to Andrew J. Lucas, lot in Ann Arbor, $375.
J. Ward Davis to Frank E. Davis, property in Ypsilanti city, $3,000. Km C. Robben to Michael Stierle, on sect. 3, Saline, and seet. 34, Lodi, 123 acres, $6,950. Paruienio Davis to Austin F. Burbank, lot, Davis' addition, Ann Arbor, $200. Mary P. Mowor to Jas. Beasley, lots 7 and 8, Frazer's adrlition, Chelsea, $150. Seth Sumner to John Cubitt, one acre, .-eet. 21, Pitts6eld, $175. J. Frederick Steiner to Jacob Gro.-hans, 60 acres, Reet. 51, Lodi, $3,180. Edwin A. Alchin to Julia A. Gaunilütt, laad on sect oo, York, f ooo. Edwin A. Alchin to Joseph Gauntlett, property in the village of Milan, $900. Jas. Wells to Sarah McGraw, 80 acres, sect. 9, Salem, $2,250. Louisa J. Drury to John E. Elsworth, land in Augusta, sects. 19 and 16, $1. John Scheel to Christian Weidmayer, 10 acres, sect. 31, Lodi, $1,000. Darius L. Wood to S. G. Miller, ICO acres, sect. 25, Lodi, $1. QUII CLAIM. Firm Hendrickson to (Jarl D. Ilendrickson, property io Ann Arbor, $1. M. E. Swartout to R. G. Swartout, property in Ann Arbor, $1.