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Old Maid Philosophy

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The wriier rallind a voung lady fniml miiiu' time a.irii and chaffed her upon being an "old niaid " She replied: "I am past thirly. Í have a good bonje. I thiuk you know 1 have hail abundant opportunitis tü uiany. ] have beeD bridesmaid a t-core of' times. I ask myself with which one of the biautiful girla that I have i-een take the mamare vow would I exchange to day? Not one. Some are living apart f'roni their husbands ; some are divorced ; sorae are wives of' diunken men ; some are hanging on the ragged edge of society, endeavnring to keep up appearances; .some are toiling to support and edúcate their children, and these are the least miserable; some tread the narrow line beyond the boundary of' which lies the mysterious land, and sopie have gone out into the darknes.s and 'unknown horrors, and soine are dead. A few tbere are who are loved and honored wives, mothers with happy homes ; but, alas, only a very few." A ship on the broad, boisterous, and open ocean, needeth no pilot But it dare not venture alone on the placid bosom of a little river, lest itbe wrecked by some hidden ror;k. Tbus it is with life. 'Tis not in our open, ezposed deeds, that we so much need the til!, silent monitor, as in the Hiuall, secret, every day acts of our life. Spend your time in nothing which you know must be repented of; spend it in nothing that will cause you disquietude on your d)ing bed; spend it in nothing which you might not safely and properly be doing if deatn should meet you in the act. If Christians must conteDd, let it be like the olive and the vine, which shall bear most of the fruit; not like the aspen and the clin, which may make the most noise. If the streets of heaveu are paved with gold it also bc remembered tltat gold has no commercial valuó up there. You might as well have a bag of sawdust for a ( 'hri-tiii'i.s gift as a cartload of gold in heaven. " We old maids," remarked Miss StibImi.s, "love cats because we have no hushands, and cats are almost as treachcrous as men." James Parion has named his son Víctor Hugo. It will be handv in aftcr years when he wants to say, "Victw Hugo out and split some wond." The idea that fruit caten at night is deletenous is proved by the bad effect it had upon Adam from eating an applü alter Eve.


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