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Tit For Tat

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Mr. C was a pastor of a Baptist church in a certain town in one of tlie weatero States. He had been on very bad tumis with his flock for some time. They abused him whenever they could find occasion, and he reciprocated with cqual readiness. Before his contract with thc pari.ih expired he recciyed the appointment of chaplain nf the state prison. Klated at this lucky opportunity of getting rid of him, the congregation carne in ful] numbers to hear his farewell sermón, perhaps Ies8 to compliment than to annoy him with their presence. Great was their astonishment, and stil! greater their anger, when the revernod gentleman chose for his text tho fbllowing words : "I go to prepare a place for you that where 1 tan there ye may be also." Christ church, Boston, is over 150 years oíd. Erected in 1723, itcan claim a greater age than any other church in thal city. lroni its belfry werc swung the lanterns that fiashed their sinal to Paul Reveré, on the night of his famous ride to Lexington, in warning of the expected English raid. The furniture of the chancel is plain and antique, while thc prayer-books and Bibles are honored with age, and were bestowed in 1733 by King George II.


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