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One Bos and Six Boules. If you are suffering from a combination of liver or kidney diseases, and constipation, do not f'ail to usa the celbrated KidneyWort. It is a dry compound as easily prepared as a cup of coflee, and in one package is as much medicine as can be bought in six dollar bottles of other kinds. " I lm All Played Out " is a common complainr. If you feel m, get a package of Wort and take it and you will at once feel its tonic power. It renews the healthy action of the Kiineys, Bowels and Liver, and thus restores the natural lile and strength to the weary body. Qet a box and use it at once. When wo consider that Fellows' Compound Syrup of Hypophosphites supplies the deficiency to unhealthy blood, restores the nervous element, and produces healtfiy action to the various organs and forces of the body necessary to sound niind, we wonder at the imbecility everywhere apparent. Workiiigmen. Before you begin your heavy spring work after a winter of relaxation, your system needs cleansing and strengthening to prevent an attack of Ague, Billioua or Spring Fever, or some other Spring sickness that will unfit you for a season's work. You will save time, much sickness and great expense if you will use one bottle of Hop Bitters in your family this month. Don't wait. See another column. Facts vs. Tneory. In regard to the method of eoloring butter. The theory is that cows when well fed and cared for will make yellow butter ; the fact is that not one in ten will, except in times of flush pasture. This is just the reason that the very best Dairymen in this country use Wells, Richardson & Co's Perfected Butter Color. We warrant it to add at least five cents per pound to the value of white butter, a return of one dollar for every cent it costf. A Wonderful DlscoTery. For the speedy cure ot consumption and all di.seases that lead to it, kucIi aastubborD coughs, neglected colds, brouclntis, hay fever, asthuia, pain in the side ami chest, dry hacking cough, tickling in the throat, hoarseness, sore throat and all chronic or lingering diseases ot the throttt and lung?, Dr. King's New Discovery has no equal, and bas establislud for ttietf u worid-wide reputation. Han; loading physicians recommend and ue it in tneir practice. The formula from which it is prepared is highly rccummendcd by all medica! j'iirnaïs. The clergy aod the have mmplimentcd it in the must glowing tonus. Go to your draggist and get a trial bottle for ten cents, or a regular size f'ur $1. For sale by L. S. Lerch, Ann Arbor. 978-986 ki f I I ¦¦ ith the pain in your H I BU fWh. loins or di-i Uil ¦ IWI I Your kidnej are dis¦" ¦ ¦¦¦¦ awed. Donotdclay. hut iry a' once A m ¦¦ m Hilllt'M -iikmIv. Kni.i e.y. -Mer,llveraiid Brtebt'a diseaee of the kidneyx, and Incontincncr i d retentionof nrinc.ari! cnrwl hv IIiiiiIm Kt-iu ly. If In prepared KXI'HESéLY lor thesu ' ;e. . J Camerún County, Central Pennsylvania, ) i ÜRIFTWunu, Nov. IS, IST'J. I Dear Sir - 1 munt soy HÜNT'S KKMKOY has ' ratsed the dead. It ruied me from the dead for sure, as the doctors had uiven me up to die in SIX nOT'RS, and so had all the people. My frluud called in the prijst to prepiire me lor death, and lie alno said I was doomcd. They all had me deud, but Hunt'n Remedy saved me, and I ara alivu tn-day, inund and ctircd ofdropsy. R. W. THUDE. From Rev. E. (i. laylor b. D., Pastor First Bapttlt Chnrch, ProTldence, IÍ. I., Jan. 8, 1S79I can tesiifv to the rtrtni or HfN'l 'S HKMEDY in kidney dlnaasa from actual trial, hnvini: been preatly benefltted by itc na K. n. 'I'A YI.OH. ¦ ¦ ¦¦ m ¦¦¦¦A HhiH"h lt-ni-ly ¦,8 JPlw been nixd by lamH I I N IX '] Physicians for :W i lljlf 9 vrars. It has never boen knowii to rail. it is a (Jtite, sure and _ m _ _ -pi'.'dy cnre. It Ik Q P Plllfli:II'l! vcftL-table. Al! ¦K B HLH WM ¦ I m who nse ft eij nCmCU I usiiv Srvür% CLARKK l'ii,.v.ri:N(E, R. I. I Hold by all ItruKKiitH, and hy Farrand, Williams íiCc, Detroit. W1-Ü7D ALL FORMER YEARS OUTDONE. 356,432 Q-ZEHSTTTIItsriE SINGER SEWING MACHINES SOLD UI 1878. BEINQ 78,620 More Than in Any Previous Tear. WE WARBANT BVEItY MACHINE SOIJ BY DS. SOME VEEY HARD NÜTS TO CRACK lst. rómpanle have sprnnir up In eycry part of the L'nion for makini; an "Imitutlon 8io(ter Machine." Yfhy are nol rtmüar companieë formed for mak ing lmitatioM of other Sewing ildchintt f The pnbllc will draw lts own inference. Gold it continuulty counterfeiieii ; brast and tin never ! 2d. The tíinger has taken the fihht Pri,e mn am. competitors more than two iiindkei) tiïes. Vli)f After the CiilcagoPircthtj Kelief Cummlttee undertook to farntth tewlüf niiiciiiin'. to tiie aeedj womai of that city. Applirunts were permltUd to Chootl trom six different kinds of machines. 2,!MI AppU canis wcre furmshed with machine; 2,447 chote dlnger Machines, and 517 distributed their choice moni the flve other kinds of macbinea. Tliesr girlj W to kakn THEiii uvmii on these muchiiies Uli) dll ilKt take sincera For luriher particulars culi on I. L. OIIiTlsrELL, AT THE SINCiER OFFICE, 17 SOUTH MAIN STREET, kVho will íel] yon a Sewing Machine OfaMpcc thu my other man. I mn LCDt hIhd tur the DOMESTIC tnd for the NEW WfiflTB, the moet popular new uacbinc In the world, liuvinu ttiurd u Mie xceeded n)y by the Sinter, in the ihort f pact of two yi-arw. Kl'l KI MI i Specialty - Sinters Made as Good as New. toótf I. L. QliINNELL, Ann Arbor.