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Castoria Millions ofMothers cxprcss tlicir dcligli over Castoria. It is natu re's remedy f assimilatie the rood. Uulike Castor Oil it is pleasant to 1 nkr, and nnlikc Morphln Syrnps, it Is harmlesg. Castoria reuníate the Bowels, destroys Worms, Cnres SOÜR CURD AND WIND COLIC and al Fererishuess. What give health to the Child promotos reit Tor th Motlier. Clilldreu cry for Pltcher's Cas toria. It Is the most rellabie, effect) re and popular artlcle dispensed by Druggists NEVER Stnce healing remedies have beeii ned ty SUrrEJlINQ KAN h8 thorc been knwn cuch absolute Pain-reliov ing1 ttrntH as tlif CENTAUR LINTMENTS Thoy HOotho, heal and cure. They HEIL Cuto, Wounds, Galls, Old Sores, Brukcn Breasts and Soro Nlpplee ; CURE- Pain In tbe Back, KtnumiitlKm. Sclatica Lumbago, Neuralgia, Karache, Tetter, Pimple? Itcb, Salt Kheiint, and all flash, bonu and muacle ailmentH of Animale ; NCROl'K -Inllammatlon and Swelllngs ; Boils, Felons, Ulcera, Sore Throat Bronchitis, Croup and Quinsy ; Pain from Burns, Scalds, Stings Frostbltes, Spralns and Brulses. The experience of centurles bas made the CENTAUR Xiiniments 'he most Bpeedy and cffectivc curative agenta for KAN and BEABT tbe world bas over known. Tbe Centaur LINIMENTS have relleved more bod-rlddon Crlpplc hca led more f riliilu I woiiiidn. and Navt-' more Talnable anlmalt tban all othcr linimento ointmenu, olie, extract, piasters and so-callcd "puin killere" and "nklu cures" combined. Physlctana and Vetorlnary Snrgeons endorse the Centaur Linimento ; mili Ion of men women and cblldren In all countiles uh (hem, and Housekeepers, Farmers, Planters, Travelurs Llverymen, Teamsters and Siock-growere, are tbelr patrón. Tbey are clean, thoy are liandy, they are clieap, and they are rellabie. There Is no ai In', pain, or welling wbtch tbey will not allevlate, xubdue. or care. 8old throaghoat I HU HABITABLE GLOBE for 50 cents and 1.00 a botllc. Trial boules, 25 cents. Catarrhal FOZSOIT vi De Meyer' Treatlse on Catarrh explalns the following Important facta : 1. That Catarrhal Cold become a polsonous ineclion, at first local, and flnally cowtilutional. 2. That, belnK (.'oustltotlonal, the infection is be yond the reach of mere local remedien. 8. That impuritieê In the nostrlls are neceesarlly twallowed into tbe êtomach and inluded Into tbe lunas, thus poaoning tbe Digeatlve, Uespiratory and ienito-l'rinary organs. 4. That Catarrhal virus follows the mucons membrane and causes Deafnets, Dyspepsla. Chronic Diarrhtea, Bronchitis, Leucorrhie, and Consump ion. 5. That Smokeê, Douches, Inbalatlons, and Insola ble Snnffí, eannot potñbly remove lnfectlous inflammatlon from the organs named. 6. That an antidote for Catarrh must possess an an inoculative afflnity for, and the quality of belng abtorbed by, the pnrulent mucous wherever located. Itased upon these plain theories, Dr. Wei De Meyer's Catarrh Cnre has proved to be infalllble. It not only relieves, it enres Catarrh at any stage. Home testimony : Cured! Cnred! Cured! Cured ¦7. D. Woods, 487 Broadway, N. Y., Cured oí Chronic ('atïirrh. F. J. Haslett, 859 Broadway, N. Y., 4 years Catarrh. G. L. Brah, 413 Broadway, N. Y., 10 yrars Citarrh. S. Bencdlct, Jr., Jewcler, 697 Broadway, N. Y., (lady iriend), cured of Cbronlc Uay Fnver. Mrs. Kmnii C. Hnwes, 39 W. Washington Square, N. Y., cnred of : years Chronic Catarrh. Rev. fjeo. A. Rei", 169 Jay St., Brooklyu. " It re stored me to my minlsUirial Ubort." Rev. Chas. J. Jones, New Brlghton, S. I. Worth ten tlmea tliecoit." v. Alox. hen, Cairo, N. Y. " It hHB worked wnnders iu lx cases In my parlsh." L. P. Ni'wmm, .W5 Fulton St., Brooklyu, cnred of 4 ;''nrs Chrouic Catarrli. Mrr. .1. wartz,,Tr.,20() Warren St.,Jersi'.y City. curil 01 18 yiais Chronic Cntarrli. &c. &c. &c. &c. Ac. A real cure for thls terrible malady Ie the most mportant discovery for the rcMcf of liumun Hiifferini' ince vaerination. Wel Oe Mejer's narrli Cnre is sold by all Druegipts, or delivered y D. H. Dewey A Co., 46 Dey 8t„ N Y., for 1..10 package. To Olnbs, slx pncknjres for #7..%O. r. Wel Ie Meyer'x Treatisc. with full eitlanationH and ovurwhelmïng prooft, is OMt-iuld and Bent ft-ee to anybody. 'X,- -or- eow I PERMANENTLY CURES ] QKIDNEY DISEASES, P d LI VER COMPLAINTS! 3 Constiparon and Piies. f I II II. II. I!. CLARK, South llrro.V I., ,s I LJj " 1 n oiwi of KIUXIY TBOriJZ.r.8 It luu la h aetcxl liLc n cbarm. It Unactirctl manj rcry R H badcuiMMior riLr-S unil boa ncTer fallcU to M I ITCLMUt FAIIICÏIIIJ), ofNi. AlbsDK, Vt-, Pj EH M7N " it K ofprli" lciw vu'uc Aftcr lxtccn .3 Ê 7CurM of CrSfll WifTs#IW from I' 1I and t ¦ E tlTcnH4 tt cutui)K-tcl7 curt'd ir." I 0. S. IIOOAHON, ori-crk.hirr, j, -onc I , jM Iinndonc wontjurti for mo In k SB pletcly iarln(r ii cvi-ro I.lvcr ad Kllu-y U T HAG WUVÍ) Ë ¦ WONDCIRFUL ff 11 POWER. ILimLm J BECAÜSB IT ACTS ON THE L ¦ l.n i:i!,TII-, BOWELS AND Kil), g H m:vs at TRSBAMSmiB. P f. jj Becauea It cloanoe tho syetem of H wÊ the polsonoue humors that dovelope I H In Kldncy and Urlnary dlseaees, B louenoos Jauncilccv Conntlpatlon, I Pilos, orín Rhoumntlsm, Neuralgia I LM and Foma Ie disorders. I KIÜM-.Y-WÜIiT 1. dr, .r(,l,Mr com. ¦ H pou ná and cao bc tent by mail prepstd. J Ono pnckniro nlll mke atxqtf of mpdlrln. H TH-"V IT Wow I T It at the nnicslata. Prloc, $1.00. W1LLS, SICHAEDSOM CO., Proprtoton, I J 3 BurUactan, Vt. 954-1005- ch e w PERDÓN LUMBER YARD JAMES TOLBERT, Prop., Manufacturer and Dealer In SACINAW GANG-SAWKD LÜMBiR, LATH AND SHINGLES. We Invite all to give ns a cali, and examine om stock before purctuistng cleowhere. AL9O AOBNT POR JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO., AND 8SLL8 FIRB BR1CK. JAMES T0LBERT, Prop. T. J. KKKCH. Hupt. fcb.12,'79 lif lllTm A0ENT8 TO SELL TEA, WAN I Hl ''""'"' Btkint Powdar u fuuhn. ff Uil I II IKOHTS TIHUT RTK. (lulM lrrr. 072-1013