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Nichols Shepard & Co.

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BattleCreclIicïi. A _-_ E"bl''h' ORICINAL AND ONLV CENUINE jRfedBi L2BgjttS$Sfo Threshiug Machinery and Portable and Traetion Engines. 1 ' Ijpk THE STANDARD of exoeUvnce thnugkout the OrainifcwBlT "SBÍÍRiS M V 'TC!IL'ESS for Gra!n-sng, Tüne-SaTlng, Perfeot L"V' flPJflS!l9nB SjWPjt „ , 1M MP ARABLE iQualUy of Material. Prrfection 5gflBk L# 1h39 M AUVKLOTT8 for rjr twMor work Ín aü Wnrf of 3 -"-TrT t. JL ¦ ' 'v, ,; J7 írain, uid ricraíiv knowu u ihe mJy sacceiful Threshcr in nú, Tlmothy, Clover, ajid sil other Reed. ARTON14N4;!,Y D1RBT.K m vonrHw tmule, ming Hiku one bmlf th uul g(-ar uní belti. PORTABLE, TKAOT1ON, ud STKAW-BlTtXENO STKAM-FNGINES, -!¦. - -ial fcaturei ( DurabiHty, Haft-tr, Kcooomj, and Brautr rntfrolr unknowa in othcr njkts. Btoam-rowcr Outüti atid htruni-f'.iw. r Separatora a jiecïalt v. Four nizeaof Hparatori, íroraü to lí hor-Tmwpr : all imti ImjiroTfrt Monnted Hone-Powfr'. 88 Yfr of l'noNiMToun und Contlnnono BvitlneM bv tliis hoaM, without ehange of carne, locaiion,or manarement, furoiahe a stroag guaraatee for superior goods and honorable dcallng. fAIITinil I Th wonPTful iraecesi and poptilarity of _ f K VAU I I UH I uur Yibbatob Machinery han Irlven nth'T . L0" machines to the wall ; heneo various makers are now attemptdSSm HlCaMV Ing to build and palm off inferior aud mongrol ituitaiioua of aaaffS' ' . ""beT'not deceived PíSn by surtí rxpfrimental and worthlcs ma-hinerv. lf tou hur I RWPV "T" BcKII Vi ' H, vt the "OlUtilNAL" und tlic "tiK.Nt'LNE" ' " ng lËIIt ay"Kor full pBHIouIam cali on our llliwn, or writ. IST'' BK' to us for niumratt-d Circulara, whioh we mail free. Addn-t BeflHjri ' ÍIWk NICHOLS, BHLFALJD & CO,, Battle Creek, Mich. " , WHMMfcl Ü7-1-1Ü00