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Sam Tilden's Physical Condition

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From the Nejaniiee Iron Ilc-rald. Mr. Amos R. Harlow, ofMarquettc, reurned from a visit to New York, Friday. 'uring his stay in the metropolis he was ie guest of tiie distinguislied Democratie olitician, Samuel J. TiMi#, at J4 (iraní rey Park. As much has recently bcen said of Mr. Tildcn's physical disahiliries, we trive Mr. Harlow's Ftatement, whioh nay be considered entirely truthful. Mr. ïarlow is au oíd acquaintance of Tilden's, aving met bina very niaiiy times dunne; te pant 20 years, the périM of their Imsiess rolation. and is tlierefore f'airly coin)etent to judge of his faiiing health. Mr. [arlow gives a very minute detail of the istinguished uian'a troub!e,and was groatly umrised at his prostrafe condition, notviihstanding the uiuny newspaper aocouDtH ie liad rcad. The k-ft sidü is apj.arctitly n a complete state of paralyzation, or very early so, the voice so enfrebled as to rener his articulation very difficvilt and inaudale, so uiuoli so that Mr. Harlow was unble to undorstand more than half of his onveraation while in close proxiniity to íim. On account of this he is cotretarrtly ttended by a person familiar with hini, who repeats and elucídales his utttrances. .t tlie slightest stuop froto a standing posurc he loses entire control of hitnself and rops hclp'efisly into a chair or the arms f his attendants. At the table he is unable to prepare his food for eatiog after it s served, an attendant cutting his uicat ii'o nioutlifuls and doing whatever elsa nvolves the slightest physical exertion. !¦ rapport hN palsied hand by droppin? he thuinb inside a pocket convoniently ut at the left breast, the hand hanging on ho outside, from whicli position jie UO'S nrt undertake or cannot remove it. Reides these there are mnny other lesa noioeftble evidences of decline, though Mr. larlow is of the opinión that the brilliant old man is till in poasessiOD of full mental lower and has relinquished none of his ponted ambition tbr money and position, which he is daily exerting to the utmost. lis mansión is vitsitud by a constant stream of poHticians, who are pandering to hisaspiration, which secms more likely to eul mínate in an early grave than in the occu lancy of the presideiitial chair. The specacle a portrayed by his gucst and friend, s indeed a reuiarkable ODe - a challenge, as it were, to the white-winged messeneer already about the work of "gathering him