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Small Change In The West

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A Kansas correspondent of the Boston Tremtcripi mitei : In tnith, a person who waits for chango in thè hape of 2, 3 or 4 cents is looked upon wilh somcthing like scorn in tho west. Is j'our bill 78 cents? You pay 80, .ir tli; obliging shoiikeeper says : "Cali it 75." 1 recill an incident which one of tlio merohanta of Salina related when speaking of big reent trip to New York for goods. Altor making his preparatiorw for returniqg, lie went to si'ttle his bill, which provcd tb be $40.03. He paid $40, and was turning away wlien he was recalled by a tap on liis slioulder, aní the three cents were pointed out. In x'ouiful aniazetnent hc threw down 10 cents, and again siarted away. "Ilcre is your change, air," said a voice ín do wise overwheluied by his contoiupt 'l'hi! inerchant waved his hand anc bowcd. "Keep it, sir. l ani a Western man Wc don't graap three er four cents there io cloéely.