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The Salvation Army

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The advance guard of "l"he Salvation Army, " consisting of seven men and wouen, has arrived iu New York froui England and begun operations. The "Salvation Army" is composed uiottly of illiterate pereons. lts plan of operations is to dress 'soldier" metnbers (men and womun) in a antastie garb (uniform) to attract public attention ; to march through the streets and visit saloons, faetones, and other places where idlers or work people are to be found, carrying flags and singing quaint hymns as they march. W'hen a orowd is collected the procesaion halts, and its ex horters (recruiting sergeants) begin to preach, while the rest of the "eommand" sing and pry at intprvals. "The Salva tlon Army ñas alreaüy ¦Buli-ieU" ibnsands oí' "soldiers of the cross" in Great Britain, egpecially in the manufacturing towns. The movonjent in outside oí' all the churchc?. lts founder ia a real zealot, like Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, with some of Loyola's great qualities of eothusiasm, discipline, oourage, and shrewdness, though with little education. In a recent interview he declared thut "The Salvation Army" does not hold to any orthodox creeds, but simply teaehes the love and mercy of Jesus Chrit, and the duty of clean living. lts mission is to conquer the world by the preaching of the gospel to every living creature. The seven invaders are produoing a novel sensation in New York city.