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Jonah And The Whale

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Talmage says: Jonah was an unwilling gucit. He wanted to get uut. However much he may have liked fish, lio did not want it three times a day, and all the time. So he kept up a fidget and a struggle and a turning over, so he gave the whale no time to assimilate him. The man knew ttiut if' he was ever to get out he must be in perpetual motion. We know men that are so lethargie they would have given it up, and lain so quietly that in a few hours they would have gone into flukes and filibone, blow holes and blubber. Now we see men all around us who have been swallowed by inonstrous misf'ortunes. 8ome of' thera sit down on a piece of whale-bnne and give up. They say : "No use 1 I will never get back my money, or restore uiy gond name, or recover my health." Tbey float out to sea und never again are heard of. Others, the moment they go down the throat of some trouble, begin to piad for egress. They niake rapid estímate of the length of' the vertébrate anc come to the conclusión how frar they aro in They dig up enough spermaceti out of' the darkness to make a light, and keep turning this way aud that, till the örst you know they are out. IMermination to get wel has much to do with recovered invulidism Finn will to defoat hankruptcy decides tinancial deliverance. Never surrender to migforturtS or disoouragement. Therc wil Ir iine place where ynu can braoe your loot :iLr:iin--t his ribs and sotne long uppa tooth around which ymi may take hold and he will be as glad to get rid of' you fo a tenant as you will bc glad to get rid o him for a landlord. There is a way out i you are determined to find it.