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A Man With A Record

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Mr. líen. F. Wilson, of iNew Batan, Nolson county, Ky., is now yeur.s tf age. He has been manistrate twclve yeais. He fines cvery man $1 for each time he n profane oath, and hasreceipts for paymcnt of the same. lie never uned a profane oath. He never tasted a drop of lupior. He never stnokcd a cigar or toluv", or chewed in his life. He never saw a horse race for money. lie never was at a theater. He never knew one card from nnnilnr, though he is known from here to New Orleans. lio has boen a Manon for forty yoars. He has beon a meraber of the Metliodi'l church for sixty years - elass-leader and steward for fifty-nine pean. He has been going to sunday school for sixty-four yeart, líe lias (ravcleil (hrituh eleven Slatesol the Union. He is ready to s;iy with l'aul : " I Imvi fóuht a eood fight ; I have kept the faitli ; hencefortn thero is laid up for me a crowo of ufo which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall gire me."