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They Wouldn't Fight That Way

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I notice that Judjíe John Rice has been fiurinL in the papers ot' late, and atn reminded of a story current concerning him an] tlie lato war. J le was a very violent seoessionht, and. in a speech urgine secession, s:iil : " Why, the Yankees! [f ttiry thom fiht we can whip them with popguns ! " 'I'lie Yankees did show fight, and with what reMilt is well knnwn. A short time afier the war Judge 11ÍC3 was making a speeoh it the same cross-roads where he had made hi boasting speech bcfore the war. One of' the audience asked hiin if' lic was nut the name Jud;e Rice tliat spoko thore in 1860. "I am," he replied. "Well, didn't you say that we could whip tbe Yankees with popguns?" "I did, and we could have done t; but, 'em. they wouldn't figlit us in that way!" - LouüofRe Qor, (jtncinnati Efnquircr.