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The firc-Mc is a scminary of infiuite iuaportanoa because it is universal, and beoause the eduoatien t bestows, being woven in with the woof of ohiMhood, gives form and oolor to the wliole texture of life. There re lew who aan roccive the honors of a coliche, bat all ore graduales of the hearth. The learning ol the university may fnilc l'roni the rvcollection, its classic lore muy maolder in the halls of memnry, but the m i 1 1 1 pie lessoai of home, enameled upim tlio licirt if childhood, det'y the rust ot tinic. and nut live tbfl more mature but lest vivl 1 picturefl ofsi'ter jttun. 8o deep, m htTg. iadoed, are the uipressionn of early lifc. fchl you oftec see a uiHii in (hc imbecility of' age holding fresh ui disr lleoüon the oventa of childhood, while all the wi'lo space between that and tlir present hour 1 bUsted and forgotten waste. You have, perohance, seen an old and obliterated portralt, and in the atteiupt to have it cleaned and re-itored, you niay have seeO it fade away, while a brighter and more perfect picture painted beneath ¦ revealed to view. This portrait, firpl ilruwn upoQ the canvass, is no_ faint illustration of youth ; and though it may hr ooaoealsd by somt' kfter-deixo, still the oiÍL'inai trnits wil shine throuli the outward picture, giviag it tono while fresh and surviving it in decay, Sueh is the fireside- the great Lostltution of' Frovidenee for the education of men.