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Too Shrewd For U. S.

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TheEvening News of March 24, has riie following editorial respectiug the "heathen Chinee" and tbe lack of American diplomacy : "Secretary Evarts has been rat her tardy in discovering that the Chinese are not t'ools at diplomacy, and that Chinese statesmen cao befog and delay an international quesiion as cleverly as he can pettifog or procrastiuate a question in civil law. The rest of the world learned this while the secretary was busy in New York and elsewhere with bis private clientage. China has made inany concessions to ourselves and European nations in regard to commercial intercouree, wbich she never would have made had they not been wrung trom her at the mouth of British cannon, before sbe learned the ucience of modern warfare. She han studied that science sinco the opium war, and having always been an adept in the art of diplomaoy she does not propone to make auy more onesided treaties. It u probable she cares very little for the privilege of using our Pacific ooast as a dumping ground for her surplus population ; but she has secured that by the Burlingame treaty in which she very cleverly over-reaohud our statesmen, and she is not likely to surrender it without receiving a t'ull quid pro qui, in the surrender on our part ef trading privileges on her coast which Ainericans now enjoy. Her statexaien understand perfectly the weight of the burilen which Chinese immigration is to u-, and they will bc in no hurry to take it off umil lts pressure becomes o intolera ble that wc shall be willing to pay a good price for relief. W e doubt if even the vast diplomatic experience of President AngelĂ­, of Ann Arbor, or all hij well-known Machiaveliau shrewdnesn will be equal to the of beating the Mongolians m driving a bargain.