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The Board Of Regents

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Last Tuesday the Bourd of Regents met in the President's room. Called to order by the President, who opeued the meeting with reading of ihe j-cripture and prayer. Regent Cutcheon was louiid to be absent upon roll oall. President Angelí announced a dispatch stating the absent regent was detaiued at Reed City, and would be present in the evening. The new nienibers, Messrs. E. O. Grosvenor, Jas. Shearer and J. J. Van Riper, were duly installed and took their seats. They are all fine appearing, busniess looking gentlemen. Regent Duffield moved that a committee ofthree, oonsisting of Regents Clitnie, S. S. Walker and Van Riper be appointcd to revise and reorganiza the standing committees, and créate any new ones necessary, because of additional departments in the uüiversity. Carried. Regent Cumie then offered a report respecling an addition to the ohemical laboratory, but upon motion of Recent E. C. Walker, an executive session w%s ordered. No sessie n was held in the afternoon, but it under.stood the time was spent in looking up the necesiity of moro laboratory room. The evening session commenced at "i o'clock, Regent Cutcheon being present. The report of the eommittce on revisión and reorganizaron of standing committees reported as follows : Executive Committee -President Angelí, Regenta Cutcheon, Duffield and 8herer. Finance - Cliuiie, Shearer and E. C. Walker. Literary Department - Cutcheon, Duffield and Grosvenor. Law Department- Van Riper, E. C. Walker and Shearer. Medical Department, including Honioeo pathio and Dental Schools- Urosvenor, Cliniie and Van Riper. Library- Duffield, Cutcheon, S. S. Walker and President Angelí. Museum, School of Minen, mdObscrvatory- S. S. Walker, Van Riper and Cuichcon. Chemical and l'harmaceutical Dopart ment, including Laboratoiy - E. C. Walker, Sboarer and Duffield. Buildings and Grounds- Khearcr, S. S. Walker and Cliniie. Making niue standing coromitteeH instead of eight as heretofore. The President thcn'gave to appropriate committees sevcral Communications whicb wero in his hauds. Upon motion of Regent E. C. Walker, a vote of thanks was tendered Mr. A. E. Richards, now traveling in Europe, for the generous donation of ancient and oriental coins which he has been and is still sending from time to time tothe museum, with the direction that they be properly classified and be kuown as the Richards collcction. On motion of Regent Van Riper, diplomas were granted to the graduating law class, consistí ng of 175 naraes. Upon motion of Regent Cutcheon, Prof. W. II. Payne was allowed a leave of absecne from tho 5th to the 9th of April to attend state teacher's institutos. The same regent alt-o offered aresolution directing the proper university authorities to subscribe for one copy of a geological map of tjiu United State, to cost $50. Prof. Proscott was allowed a hearing to oxplain the necessity of more laboratory room, and displayed plans for an additional story to the laboratory, and upon motion of Regent S. 8. Walker, the committee upon that department were requested to procure plans and estímate. After this action another executive sesion was entered into, and the reporters had no alternative but to pocket the resolution, put on their liat.s and go. Thursday, in executive sessaion, the question of procuring counsel in the university oase coming before the regenta, a committee consisting of Regenta Van Riper, Cutcheon, and E. C. Walker, were appointed to take into consideration the propriety of employingsnch counsel, to report at the next special meeting of the board.