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pont fail to register. Mrs. (jco. Danforlh is dangerously ill. 1 m Henry Burgraff was sent up for ten days AVednesday inorning for drunkenness. The sooia! given by John Schumacher -at the Opera House, Wednesd;iy evening, notted $40 and upwards. Orrin Hiscock, ol York, was committed to the Pontiac insane asylum by Judge Harriman, last Tuesday. $56.82 baabecu donated by the Presbyterian church and sundry individuals to the Pursúiii faiuioe relief i'und. John (x. Laubengayer has appealed his ase to the circuit court. He was sentenced to lío days in jail as noticed last week. The delegates to the temperance conventiom Wednesday were furnished with nieals by the reform chib boys at tbeir rooms. A manby inakinjfa ons-step, feUQirough the central large light at the First National bank, yesterday, shivering the glass badly. Two new passenger coaches and a new entine are to help inaugúrate the new timetable on the 1)., H. & S. W. R. K. next Mniiday. The next fortniyhtly ljcture by Rev. J. Al-ibuHter, will be given Sunday evening. Sutpjut : " Revclation fruiu Ninevah and Wabylon." Ij ok at your dioinnary and see the f uil meauing of the word "Machiavelian," and tlnii read the extract f'rom the Evening News in another column. The Rev. Mr. Biare, of the Presbyterian 'Church of Augusta, wül preach for Rev. W. K. Dunning, tt Moreville, next SabIbath, at lij o'clock p. nj. Our real estáte tran-fcra wi'l show one Trom Nel-on Buolh to Win. .Buikje, ,,;onsideration $34,000. The farm lies 'm Pittsfield and conists of 400 acres. The sextonship of Forest Hill Cemetery has been changed, J. H. Stark taking the place of John Cook, who has held the p isiiion since its inception. (J. E. Holmes, who has been in the -mploy of L. S. Lerch, in the drug store for the past year, purchased the business of his employer last Monday. If you have changed your residence since the last election, do not fail to have your name regUtered Wednesday, March 31st. See notice for places of meeting. The wife of John Davis, better known as 'Jeff." the janitor of the court house, died last Wednesday morning. The deceased has been UI for some length of time. Owing to aa unusual press of matter tliis ¦ week, the resolutions of the medical class of '81, respecting the death of Wm. H. Hall, are unavoidably left over (o the next : issue. J. W. Smith, the general manager of the 'T. & A. A., & D., II. R. Rs., has fstablished bis headouartetain thtvbuilding of the Wayne County Saving's bank, rooms 1 and 5, Detroit. Prof. Harrington will read a paper on 'Japan," on Monday evening next, at the residence of Judge Cooley, for the benefit of the Ladies' Library. Adniissien, ten wnt. All are invited. Adjutant Gen. John Robertson has issued an order increasing the allowance of cartridges for target practice to 3,000. Each company will also be required to keep 1,000 rounds ready for emergencies. An error occurred last week in the death inotioq of N. F. Prudden. He died at Janesville, Kansas, instead of Jonesville, and was for 50 years a resident of this county, u 1 not of this city, an stated. A Germán in the second ward, whose name we have been unaUo to ascertain, atteujpted suicide last Saturday by stabbing himself in the breast. Several wounds were inflicted, it is Faid, but none of thein fatal. The Evening News of March 23d, has this to say : " Here is check for you : exRegent Grant aks Rice A. Beal to request i the new.xpaper that have issued said Beal's history' of the University steal, to also ismM said Grant's review of the eamc. " Fkencii Money Orderh.- The postnffioe of this city has been designated by the 1'ontmaster General as a French International money order office, from April lst, 1880. This office is already a Canadian, Warman and British money order office. Whoever the rowdtes were who pulled "tfKates and tore down fences in the first Mld sixth wards last Monday night, they Hitfht to be arrested and made to pay damages for the satne. Destruction of property 'n srrions boaiaeaB and like fraud, should ii it lie '' oondoned." 'I'lie W. C. T. U. wiil hold their annual iii-'ting in the parlors of the Presbyterian 'h'.rch nextTuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. 1 ! is hnped that there will be a very general .Ttuüdancc as ncw uffiuer are to be elected lor the ensuing year, and other business HaiihacieJ. Tte Index, published at Marlette, bas the fullowing to ay: " If any of our reidera wiwh to subscribe for a newspaper pnl.lished in the southern part of this State we reeommend to them the Ann Arbor Courier. It is on our exchange iist, and can be seen at our office." It wil! be agreeable news to residents on West Huron atreet, to learn that the olJ foundry of Tripp, Ailes & Co., has been purchased by R. B. Ailes, who intends to tear down the old buildings and replace them with a first-class foundry and machine shop. Our informant states that the work is to oominence sood. Pedestrians last Tuesday encountered a regular old-fashioned March gale. The dust in the streets flew in clouds, and when a particularly fierce gust would strike one the little pebble stones would sting like young wasps. People who didn't keep their mouths shut that day had plenty of grit for once in their livea. The friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. William Braley, of Plainfield, Livingston Co., gave them a very pleasant surprise party on Monday evening, the 15th inst. The occasion was the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage, and the guests presenUd the couple with a very handsome silver tea set. Some soventy-five couple were present, and the occasion will long be ïeineuibered by surprised and "surprisers" alike. The interior department of the Uuited States desires to make a full census of vital statistici, and for such purpose blank forms tor death records have been sent to nearly all physicians, in which they are requested to report all deaths occurring in their practico froni June 1, 1879, to May 31, 1880. Any physician not having received suoh blanks is requested to apply to Francia A. Walker, superintendent of census. The cost ot stamp upon such application will be refunded. w ¦w 'w A large number of persons have been converted ia the meetings now bciog held at the Methodist Churoh in this city. Over sixty have already uoited with the church. During the present week the pastor has given a temperante phase to the meetings, and they will be of special interest to all interested in the great reform. A temperanee sermón wan preached last Wednesday evening ; a teuiperance prayer meeting held Thursday evening, and a temporalice love feast is to be given this, Friday evening. Birds are the best friends of everybody owning a farm, orchard or garden. Audubon, the naturalist, says a woodcock will eat its own weight in neects in a single night. Dr. Bradley says a pair of sparrows will destroy 3,360 caterpillars in a week. Woodpeckers are constantly engaged in ridding orchards of insect and their eggs, which they skillfully discover under the pieces of dead bark. Robins through the spring and summer are continually hunting for woruis and grubs. Don't kill the birds. The "bots" auction of this county was held at Nelson Booth's last Tuesday. Over 1,000 persons were present, and 350 carriages by count, The sales footed up nearly $9,000. A better stock of horses, cows, sheep and hogs were seldom seen at an auction. One man said he had come 2U miles to attend it. " Nell," did his level best to feed the vast crowd, and it was a laughable sight to notice how rapidly the immense (luantities of provisions vanished when those hungry farmers got a chance at thein. The committee appointed at the last meeting of the county pioneer society to take ioto consideration the publication of the history of Washtenaw Couoty, met in this city on the 23d inst., and made preliminary arrangements with Mr. Abbott, the compiler of the history of Kalamazoo County, for publishing a history of this county. The matter will probably be consummated at a meeting of the coamiittee to take place April 5th. In all probability the history will be an excellent one, and of great inter est to the people of this county. Austin McGrail, formerly a resident of tbijj city, and employed on the T. & A. A. R. R., was run over and killed on the Wnbash R. R. near Toledo, Monday night, while walking upon the track. He was employed as brakeman on the Canada Southern R. R. at the time of the accident. He has four brothers and other relatives in this city. There is some suspicion of foul play connected with this case, the deceased having but a short time previous been paid off, but not a cent of money was found upon his person. But we have learned of no further particulars. One of the officers of the Supreme Lodge of Knigkts of Pythian was in thid city last week look ing up the death of Charles H. Gench, a member of the law clas?, who died on Monday, March lst, on Huroo street. The remains being sent to dis former home, after a delay of some ive or six days here, were not recognizable ay any of hi former associates, and it was surmised that there might have been some miátake. For instance a cadáver purchased to represent him, and the insurance companies cheated out of their risk. He held a policy of $3,000 in the Knights of Pythias endowment rank, and other policies amounting to some $15,000 or $18,000 altogether. There is certainly an air of mystery surrounding this case, though the official sent bere for tfce purpose was fully convinced, we understand, that all was straight and right. The anniversary week of the reform club bids fair to be the grandest thing in its line which has ever been held in this city. Tue speakers for the week will be aaheretofore given, with the additions of Rev. Wm. George, who will give the history of the club ; and R. E. Frazer, Esq., who will deliver the opening address. Sunday evening, April 4th, has been supplied by securing Rev. Mrs. Olympia Brown, of Racine, Wis. Gen. Carey, Chaplain McCabe, Rev. von Schluembach, Rev. Hildreth, and Rev. R. B. Pope, will all be here without fail, as will Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, and Rev. Dan. R. Shier, of Saline. It will be the bigsest temperance boom that ever struck Michigan. Last Friday evening, in the chapel of the High School, occurred the exhibition of the junior clas?. Pictures and flowers neatly arranged, together with festoons of evergreens formed very tasty decorations. The usual celebrities, together with participating members of the class, occupied the stage. Messrs. Wheedon and Osborn, and Misses Perkins, Winchell and Alabaster furnished the music, which was pronounced excellent. The following programme was observed : The Coven.nter., p AnQ Arbor "A Pl6a írChMal?.eCoíb?UChha;'le.ton( 8. O. "Beauty," L Burke Ann ArbOr. MUSIC. Laugh and be Happy' Ann Arbor. "The Acquisition of Wealth," Clara A. Hayley, Ann Arbor. CompaUoryducaUo A,Umont ,„. -Llfc-IU Ob"H Hendrlckgon, Ann ArbOr. MÜSIC. Howhold Economy, Arbor "The MoCleI)ftn Kfty WaUeka, IU. '0ur 8ewing IioplemenU," - Zada A. Rhodes, Ann Arbor. MUSIC. ¦snent Influence Arthur ft pMnwM "Quid FaclamrAdeii Whee, Ann Arbor. "A Protel!t Aal""tI1?íI!ISf:1BíoOpllan.1 Last Monday morning the Chandler House people were thrown into a tumult of excitement consequent upon the attempt of a lady boarder, Mrs. Win. O. Howard, to talco her own life. The lady has been married but about five weeks, and has been boarding at the Chandler House ever sicce. On Monday morning last her husband, who is an upuolsterer in the city, having a place of business in the McMahon block, went to Detroit on the early train, on business. At about 7% o'clock Mrs. H. went to a drug store and procured a bottle of morphine and attempted also to purchase some strychnine, giving as a reason that sho wished to kill bed-bugs with it. This aroused suspicions, and she was followed to her room, but before she oould be prevented, had swallowed the contente of the bottle, an J oz., enough to kill a good sized regiment of people. The overdose acted as an emetic and made her vomit quite freely, but she fought every attempt to use the stomach pump, or any other effort to save. Dr. Maclean was not casily discouraged, however, and by the use of other nieans he finally succeeded in overcoming the effeets of the drug, and the next morning found the lady as lively as ever. No reasons are given for the deed. Her married life seemed to be pleasant, and everything harmonious between herself and Ini.-batid. It was certainly a dangerous as well as curious freak, and probably will not be attempted again very soon.