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The literary department closed Tuesday night for one week. The University will eontiuue to be publishcd u ti t il June, notwithstanding the necessary withdrawal oí' its law editora. lt has been estimatedby the Regent that the new museum building can be strengthened sufficiently by an outlay of $1,500. Last Wednesday 175 lawyers and 34 tooth puller8 were let loóse. May they be prosperous in extractÍDg fees and molars. The Students' Tempéranos organization met last Monday evening and appointed Professors Herdman, Olney and Steere, delegates to the convention held bere this week. By the closing of the law school and the dental college the grocers of the town will have 478 less moutbs to fill. However, there wili still be, until June, about 1,000 who will want to eat three times a day, Sundays included. So let them cheer up. Last Satorday the boys who had taken their fencing lesson walked down stairs with trembling kneea but with good appetites, and minds well pleased with the exercise. At the meeting the president, Mr. C. 1. Mitchell, tendered his resignation which was accepted. His place will be filled next Saturcay. The suggestion has been made that wben the museum building scompleted, and the collections transferred to it from the present building, the part thus left vacant might be well utilized by having a reading room there furnished with the papers and periodicals from the library. This would relieve the pressure upon the library to a considerable extent, besides making it much more quiet there. President Angelí has been tendered the position of Minister Extraordinary to China with a view of arranging a treaty with that power. He was first offered the office of ambassador, but not wishing to sever his connecfon with the University he declined. If he receives and accepls the appointment as minister, it will take him away for only twelve or fifteen months, during which time his duties here can be performed by an acting President. For this position the names of Profs. Frieze and Adamswere suggested to the Board of Regents who unanimously decided in favor of the former. The senior laws had on Tuesday what they cali the "hottest row " since their class was formed. It was oocasioned by an attempt to depose Mr. W. B. Hayes, their toast-master, from his position. It seems that a charge of subornation of perjury had been made agaiost him, and the friends of the party who made the charges tried to throw him out and fill his poaition by some one else. But they were unsuccessful in this and so contented themselves with staying away trom the supper in the evening. No invitations had been sent out to the alumni, as has been the custom, and on account of this the gentlemen who were to deliver tbe address and poem declined to do so, and were not present at the banquet. For these reasons the attendance in the evening was quite sinall. To add to all this was a deep fecling of disgust among many of the boys becaufe the faculty had granted diplomas to all who would pay the diploma fee, regardless of their standing morally and in tellectually. It seemed hard for those who had worked diligently for their dogree to receive the same credit and no more than those who had passed their time with little 6tudy ud much disaipation.