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To The Fruit Growers Of Washtenaw County

To The Fruit Growers Of Washtenaw County image
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On the firat Saturday of April next, at 2 o'clock p. m., an important meeting of' the County Pomological Society is to he held in their room at the court house. They are to coDsider the subject of insects injurious to fruit, and how t prevent their depredations. Fully one-third of our apples, nearly all of onr plums, rauch of' our currante, goopeberries, grapes, nud many of our peaches, are eitlier entirely destroyed or rendered unfit for home use or for the markut. Now the question il, shall we quietly look on and sec this who!esale destruction, or shall we giyo batlle to this powerful insect army - this arny of codling mothf, of twig borers, canker worms, curculio, rose bugs, and a host ot' others? But the question is, how shall we set the battle in array, and what shall be the weapoas of destruction ? This is the question we come together to discuss. We cheerfully invite every man and wonian who has a tree or plant to be prutected from the ravages of these little pests, to attend this meeting, and give their method of attack, and from each other we may learn how to defend ourselves against their encroachments, and decide which shall domínate, the little insect, or he who is made in the likeness of Him who made us all. J. D. it. Aks Arhob, Maren 22, 1880.