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The "boys" are going to luild a boathouse od Base Lake. LuciusTubbs has been appointed marshal, in placo of IJ. II. l'iii'kius who held the office last year. . The Republican caucus for the township of Scio, is called for Thursday, April Ist, at 2o'olock, p. m., at the Exchange, Dexter. The Ladies' Library Association cf this place is ia a prosperous condition. It was organizad last June, and now has about 175 volumes of choice literature. It is very liborally patronized by Dexter and vicinity. Your correspondent took occasion last Friday to visit the Leader offico, and would say that he is much gratined at the eviden1 ces of substantial prosperity there seen. Brotuer Hoyt's office looks neat and obeery - a paint brush in the bands of a painter did the work well. At a late mcetiug of the coruinon council of the village of Dexter, J. T. Honey was appointed attorney for the eaid village at the usual salary of $20 a ycar. But we are informed that he has deolined to accept. Right here it niight be added that $20 is but a lueagre fee for a year's service as village attcmey. Why njt give it a respectaba appearance? Mr. N. J." Allport, of Webster, formerly of this village, and proprietor of the " Dexter Exchange," died Tuesday night, of apoplexy. Mr. Allport had reachedan advanced ruilestonein the course of life. He was 72 years of age, and came to this place quite early in life. His demise was sudden, though not altogether unexpected, as he was in poorhcalth for nouie time, althougb this manifestation of the diseape was not looked for. He was as well as usual, and in conversation with Judge Crane on Tuesday afternoon, with whom he talked about exchanging land. Tbey were standing in the air, andupon Judge Crane' ssuggeetion proceeded to the house. When in the house the Judge asked hini to speak louder as he (Crane) was hard of hearing. But receiving no respons, he soon discovered that he was sitting in his cliair uncunscious, with his head bowud upon his ehest. The Jadge ran for help, and later a phyMcian was called in, but life went out without any further manifestations.