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"OOR 8 ALK. I hare a good t'LUUHINU MILL of fooi rao of stonc, taat I will sell or excbange for property in Wuhtenaw County. 9O4tf RICE A. BEAL. NOTICE. To avoid imposition, purcuasersor "Wiilitiam Watches will observe that every genuine watcli, whetlier gold or silver, bears our trade-mark on both case and movement. Gold cases are stamped "A. W. Co.." and juarantee certiflcates accompanying them. Jllver cases are stamped "Am. Watch Co., Waltham, Mass., Sterling Silver," and are iccompanied by guarantee certiflcates, signed R. E. Robbins, Treasnrer. The name "Walthara" is plainly engraved upon all moveraents, '.rrespective of other distinguishing marks. This caution is rendered necessary by reason of the fact that the Waltham cases are frequently separated froni tkeir movements. and put upon worthless movements of other makers, and vice versa, thus affectiug injuriously the performance of the watches and, ttLaíín7 their guaranlce, which is inten'led to cover only the complete watches wholly rmide by the Waltham Company. It is necessary, also, because it is so notorious as to be a public scandal, that there is great fraud in the metal quality of both gold and silver cases as now generally sold. We have demonstrated by frequent estays that many gold and süner cases offered in the market, are debased f rom 1O to 90 per cent.from the quality they assume to be. This is a fraud upon the pnn-hnser, and accounts for the low prices at wbtch such cased watches have been sold. AM. WATCH CO., Waltham, Maso. The genuine Watches of the American Watch Oo., of Waltham (cases as well as moveinents), are offered in great variety and at lowest prices by thdr agonts, M. S. SMITH & CO., Jewelers, Corair Wcodwirl ui JtStTin Atos. Detroit. Only One Price. Plain Figures. 977-1029 LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! SiDgle Machine-made Harnees (6.00 Hand-made Harneas....'. 8.M Single Nickleplalcd Uarnens 115.00 to S5.00 Singlo Strap Uarness. 80.00 to 35.00 UgtU Uouble Harnee _ 25.00 to 60.00 All liristle Bruêhee 75 to 4 00 Whalebone Whlps 75 to S.00 Good Blanketi 0 to 6.00 Lap Roben 2.00 to 7.00 Cryetallzed Zinc Trunk 8.00 to 9.00 Aleo a large stock of Horse Furninhing Oooda at Bottom Prices. J. C. BURKHARDT, n. 4 il iiriui Htreet, 937tf Ann Arbor. Mlch. It wlll be Tor your Interest to KnowThat C ASPAR RINSEY (Ijite from a Whclenale Orocer's Honfc in Detroit,) bas opened a URÏ UI PR07ISIDS STORE At 16 llihi il iiron Street. He will i-o kuep Id stock FLOUK, FEKD, TOBACCO AND CIUAKS. AU goort ar(' freh and new, and, belng purchased at tbe lowest Wholesule Vh Prices, willne sold at rates correopondlnvl; low. Canil pald for all kind of " in r Prodncc. D.W-W.) AHPAR H1NSKY.