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On Bathing

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Hall'it .Tournal of Hoalth. Onop a week s often enough for a decent white man to wash himself all over, and whether in summer or winter that ought tü be done with soap, warm water and a hog's hair brush, in a room sbowing at least seventy degrees Fahrenlieit. Baths hould be taken early in tlie m. rning, for it i then that the avstem possesses the power of re aetion, in the highest degree. Any kind of bath is dangerous soon after fatipuing exercise. No wan or woman sboulf) take a bath at the close of the day, unless by the advice of the fanjily physieian. The best mode of keeping the surface of the body clean, besidesonce a week washini; already mentioned, is as follow9 : i -non asyou get out of bed in the moming, wash your face, hands, neck and breast ; into the satue basin of water put both fi-et at once for about a minute, rubing i In-m briskly all the time ; then with the towel, which has been dampened by wipine the face, feet, etc, wipe the whole body well, ('ast and hard, wilh mouth shut and chest projecting. Let the whole thing be done in less than five minutes. At nitfht when yougo to bed, and whenever ynii find yourself wakeful and restless, spend froni two to five minutes in rubbing your whole body with your hand, so far as yon can reach in every direction. This has a tcnlency to preserve that softnes9 and mobilit; of skin which is essential to lualtli, and which too frequent washing will destruy.