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A Negro's Thanks

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An Irish bcggar-woman having reeeived the loan of a shilling, expressed herthanks by sayini?: "May you live till I return it (o you." We think, however, that the thanks of the nepro of whom this story is told in the New York World is betterput: Sonie time ago, one of Arkansas' most widi'ly-kiiown statesmen, who is now dead, was passing along a Street in Littlo Rock, when an old oolored man, who had once belonged to him, approached, took off his bat, and passed a hand over bis white wool, as he asked : " Marster, gin de ole man 50 cents." " Dan, you are a robber ! " " How? " asked tbe astODÍ-thed darkey, opening his eyes, arouod which roughsbod agc. bad walked. " Didn't vou see me put my hand into niy pocket?" "Yas, Mh." " Wcll, you old rascal, you rob me of the p!('a.iirc of Kv'nK you uioney without niiiK asked." The old man received $1. Uowinj? alroost to the ground, while tears carne from liis eyt's, bc replied: " Miirstor, wid sich a heart s you hab, and wid Abraham, and Isaac, and de Lord on your side, I don't see what can keop you out of heaben."