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Sauce for Roast Beek.- Grate Wsoradi-h on a prater into a basin ; add two tablespoonfuls ot' creara, with a littlc mustard and salt : mix well together ; add tbur tablespoonfuls ol'tln' best vinegar, and mix the whole thoroughly. The vinegar and crcaro are both to be cold. Worklnginen. Before you begin your heavy spring work after a winter of relaxation, your sy.s tem nceds cleansing and stretigthening to prevent an attack of Agüe, Bijlions nr Spring Fever, or some other Spring sickness that will unfit you for a scaron's work. You will savo time, inuch mckness and great expeose if you will use one bottle uf Hop Bitters in your family this month. Don't wait. See another column. Take Warnlng. Pirectly around each bronchial tube where it enters the lungs, are about 20,000 minute air cells- in the entire lungs 600,000,000. A slight cold producing bronchial inflamination, a gathering of phlegm and a slight difficulty in breathing quickly involves the 20,000 air cells, and finally. if not remedied, the whole 600,000,000 tecome clogeed with pus which much be healed or life will soon termínate. Tho world's great lung remedy, Dr. Kinos New Discovery tbr Uonsumption, readily heals and permanently cures the very worst cases of lung diseases, Coughs, Colds, tickling in the throat, Asthma, Hoarseness and difficulty of breathing, in the shortest trme possible. Tnlil bottles ten cents. For sale by L. S. Lerch, Ann Arbor. 973-980 Fellows' Compound Syrup op Hypo PUO8PH1TES willl speedily aDd certainly arrest the depressing influences of disease upon the nerves and muscles. It restores the appetite and induces a disposition to take on hcalthy flesh. It causes the formation of living blood, strengthening thc actioü of both íleart and Lungs. It sus tains the system under trying circumstances, and causes the healthy devclopment of all the organs necessary to our existence. " I Dont' Want a Piaster," said a sick man to a druggist "can't you give me something to cure me?" Ilis symptoms weie a lame back anj disordered urine, and were a sure iudication of kidney di"ea-e. The druggist told him to usn Kidney-Wort and in a short time it effeetid a complete cure. Have ymi ihc-i: -ymp toras? Then get a box today - before you become incurable. It is curo ; sito and sure. Prize Biilter at the '. T. Fair. There was a very fine display of extra chqice bui ter at the great International üairy Fair. The packagea tliat took the prizes were splendid simples nf what pilt edge bntter oiiffht to be, perfect in quality aud color. Many of theni were colorad to a perfect June tint with Wells, Riehardson & Co's Perfccted Buttcr Color, the use of which was universally recommended both by the makers and the butter buyors. Kidney-Wort is nature's remedy for Kidney and Liver diseases, Piles and Consti pation. f "fllEOHLY MEdSiMeII J That Acts at the Same Time on L 2 THE LIVER, I 1 THE BOWELS, I and the KIDNEYS. F I Them preat organs are the natural fti J e of the lyetem. If tbcy work well. lieaith H ¦ wlll be perfect : lf thejr become clogged, M fl dreadful dJscascs aro tur.' tof olio w wlth J TERRIBLE SUFFERING. 1 ¦ BIHonsness, Beadacho, Djrspcpsia, Ii dice, Constipation and Pile, or ¦ M noy Complaiiits, GrarcI, Diabetes E Sediment in the Crine, Mllkj B m or Bopy Urine; or ItheoB matic Pains and Aehes, Ji ¦ are dereloped becaQBe the blond ir. potnonM M M wttn the tumors that should have been kj I ezpellud naturally. I KIDNEY-WORT vlll refitore the bcaltbr actlon and all tboftr H m ii'BtruyiDK evll vlll be baalsbcd negloci m m them and you wlll live bnt to luffcr. h 1 Tnousand have been cured. Tryltandyou ¦ 1 wlll add ooe more to the number. Take it ¦ i M andhualflb wllloncemoregladdenyourheart. I Why Buffer longor Trom the torment U Of an aci.lng back ? ¦ Why bear suoh dltre from tj ü stlpatlon and Pl'ea? Why be so fearful becauso of mt Ë ordored urine ? KroxuT-WoKT wlll enre you. Try a pacli" 1 1 H ae at once and be aatisfled. Li ld ItUa dry vegetable compound and E V OnoParkaireniRlieBixqna'-t.'lof Mfdldne. H Your Druqgut luu il, or rrfS grt U 'or SI ft you. Ir-ritt! upon l-.avmg .:. Pr'ce, n.00. I WSLLS, BC3ES-.r.T i ., r:rJ.e'.:n, W 3 i rp -¦-...,. 964-1005- ch e w HALLS BALSAM Cures Colds, Pneumonía, Bronchitis, Asthma, Croap, M'hoopin? Congh, nnd all diseases of the Organs. Itsoothes and heals the Membranc or the Lungs, inflamcd and poisoned by the disenso, and prerents the nightsweats and tightness across the chest whiohaccompanyit CONSÜMPTIOJÍ Is not an incurable malady. It is only necessary to have the right remedy, and HALLS BALSAM is that remedy. DON'T DESPAIR OF BELIEF, for this benign specific nill cure Toa, even though professional aid faíls. HENRYS CARBOLIC SALVE the Most Power f ui Heating Agent ever Ji8covered iienry'ë Carbolio Salve cures the worm torra. Henry'm Carbolie Salve allays the pain of hum. Hrnry't Carbolio Salve cure all eruptions. ilenry' Carbolie Salve healë pimples and blotches. llrnry's Carbolie Salve will cure cuta and bruiaee. k for Henry's, and Take No Otlu-r. - "KWARE OK COÜNTERFEITS. jf% n ' k au: hv au, iur'HirsTS. JOHN F. HKNKY, OÜRRAH A CO., ¦¦ n: FUOl'IUKTOlUi, 34 Colles-o Place, New Vork EMnBnRBKKSOB 961-1012 -ímiw WW VAI.l 'AIILE TIM TUS. QQ If yoaarcfniircrfnjrfpoiii vyar Tualth, of laiigiü.-hIng ou a bod of hK-knoas, uüuchecr, tor Hop nhtcra ttill Ünre Vmi. If yon aro a minister, and havo ovortaxedyonrBelfwlLhyour]a.stuiiiliIu t .. . : .r a in. ;!u r, won out wlth caro iukI w(irk,nr if you rï'mply nilii.i:: If yoo feel wwüc and dipiriUtl, without clwaj-iy knowlng why, Hop Jliiicrs wlll Keatnrr You IfTouaro a man of huInfts, wcakened by the Htnu'ii of yuur .vtirjd:iy duin-u; or a uian of Utters, toiliiiic uvit yuur uudniLt work, Hop lïitti rs ill Strensrthru Yoit If you arO joUBf, and srafTcrliiff from any 1nUa crvtlon,orarui[ruwai4;too (ast(tu isoltuntlie caue. Hop Bitten wlll Relieve You. If you are in tho workuliop, on the fnrm, pi drak, ttnywiMTc, umi fffi tlml your nystem m. i cl'-iiiwintf, toiuiik' "t fLimulntuiK' without lntoxlui los. Hop Itifffrs ín Whnt You Ni--l. Ifyou are oldf and your puJ- is fmthlfr yoar Hitti-b un.stcadyrnnd yoar ikcnltlw wainn'. Hop ltltt.r wlll glv jou Jiew Lire and Mg-r. Uor Couoa Cure 1 the swetest, saf.-st and best. ¦ AakChüdr.ii. One HopPADforStonuioh.IJvcrnml Kidtn yla -r"--! Hor toaJlotliers. Curen by abttorptiuii. it is n.ii.H I). L C. is iin abaolute and IrradiUhlo cure for ¦ ennesa, uso of opium, (obAooo aad narcotica, fcborefcMd bytiniKifiil. Hup I(itt-i 11%, Ce. TWIiiwtrr, N. Y. I i76-98U DANDELION Dr. WhlIO Dnrd.-lion Altoratlve, the Oreat Blood Pnittaraod Biotor. Atpeclfle ir i. ver lnmplüini. Billousnesp. Chille and Parar, Dyspcpr-la, Kidnev Diwue, KhuuinuiiKm nnd CoDatlpaUoc ui the Bo'wclu. Ramovei iiimploc aml nnowotn from the akin, produciiiK a cfear complexión. It in partij VHeetablo. pcrfectly hrnili"i' nnd plnivant to tiike. Pint hottlco only $1, and mrj bottla wnrranted. PÜLMOXAKÏApX'r. lor CoukIik, Cold", Atlnn:i. BrODchltl, Cniop, Whooplng t'ouiih and Inciplent Contumptil)n. Flity cent p-r Doitle. LarRC bottlif ?1, nnd evory lotlle warranted. For nal In Ann Arbor by KlKTlmrh A 8011, aud druïïlBtn cverywhciv. ;t5it-101