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-ir- -i- -(tt x trtl - "fl I I- C - V__tX_L3LJS ÜLi P9 ' A-M OAHADA. __ FAMILY MEDICINES. The orlglnfttor of Dr. Chase's Fftinily Medicines Ir the author of Ir. fliaw'K Roolpes ; or. Information for Kvi-ryoody. and other Heclpe Books bearlng hls name, anl were brought about ttarough the Inquines of mauy of the purchasera of hls Books for Romotliing to meet tlieir llngerlnf? nnd conípllmted llseased condltlons, which they dld not flnd descrlbed In hts Bookg. The proprletorshlp of the Medicines, and the business management of the same, Inning passed lnto the hands of the DR. A. W. CHASE MEDICINE COMPANY WITH HEADQjLJARTERS AT IDIR,. CHASE'S STM FEIIT1 HOUSE % ARBOR, nu II., We would say to the public, that they can rest iisstirod that Dr. 1ibh.-n Family MedlrinpM wlll glve them a greater sntlsfactton than any others, for the Dlseasos for which their name Indícate them to have been prepareri- eqnal to that of hls Books over alt other books of a similar character, as shown by their sales, which have exceeded tlie sales of imy other, reachlng over one mllllon copio. Qlyp thera a trial, therefore, and know for yoursolves. is all we aak. DR. CHASE'S GoughandWoundBalsam Has been found the qnickest and most certain cure of Coughs of any preparation in use ; atoa qulckly rellevlng Hoarseness, Soreness of the Thrcmt or Lungs, Pain or Tightness across the ChrM, Bronchitis, Clergyman's Sore Throat, and Cousumption In all lta earlier stiiKcs. Whooplng Cough, Croup, etc. l'rlce $1 per Bottle, or 6 Bottles for 5. DR. CHASE'S DYSPEPTIC CORDIAL AND BLOOD REGENERATOR Prevents and cures the Pain and Distress of the Dyspeptic after meals, and for Purlfylng and Kenewlng the Blood, qnlckly toning up the Stomach, and invlgorating tbc whole System. Prlre $1 per Bottle, or 0 Bottles Tor $5. DR. CHASE'S Liver 1 Anti-Bilious Pilis For curlng the Diseases of the Llver, and corrcctiug Bllious conditlons of the sj si.-m, as well au for all Cathartlc purposes. Sugarcoated ; selling for L5 centH per Box, or 5 Boxen. poHtpaid, lor SI. DR. CHASE'S AMERICAN LINIMENT AND PAIN ERADICATOR Ik a double-strength Llulment, eradlcatlng lntornal or external Pain quiLkerand more permanently than any other In use. Two sizes,- SU rentH and !,- or 6 large Bottles for SS. DR. CHASE'S MEDIGMED PLASTER In put up In Roll or Stick Form, which will spread a dozen Piasters, glving a strengthentng and heallng Piaster for two cents not equaled by those for which you pay two shilling" ; selling for 5 cents per roll ; flve rolls, postpaid, l . Dr. CHÁSE'S CÁÍÁRRH SNÜFF Is for the qulck cure of " Colds in the Heati," and dolng all for old Chronic Catarrti that medicine can do. Selling for SO ets. per bottle. IX ORDERI1VG Any ot mese Medicines. (If your DruEglst has uot got them,) or for any further Information In relation to them, address the Dr. A. W. CHASE MEDICINE COMPAXY, Ann Arbor, il lelt. i'ftitf SWORN EVIDENCE. The followlng Cure Is prubabiy tho mot rmarka ble ever eflfected by any medical preparation for the treatment of Catarrh : GèntleTTwn,- I hereby certlfy that I have had Catarrh for ten years, and for the last six years have been a terrible sufforer. I was rendered partially deaf, had buzzlnf: In Uw, hend puin ncroBs the temple, dizzy ipells, wcak kiwI palnfnl eyes, flwollen aud ulcerated tonallB, hard and constant cotih, severo pain aeróse the chest, and every Indlcation of conBumption. My Aead achcd all the time. The matter accnmulated ho rapldly In my hcad and tbroat that I could not keep tbem íree. Froquently at nlffbt I would tprlnff out oí bed, it femct to me, at tho polnt of Bunocatiün. I would Uien have recourao to every means la my power to distoflKo the mucus f rum my throat and hcad before bcinir able t o sleep nealn. For aperlod of slxyeanmy tonsilB wero ulccraten and so mucfi inflamed that I could with difficulty swallow. -1 flnally consulted an eminent Burjfcon In regard to tin opvrat ion on them.but at nis request poetponcd il. Tlie constant inflamroatlon and ulceratlon In my thnnt ratised by tho polaonous matter dropping down f rom my hraa hadso lrritated and inflamed my Iuoks that I cmihed incessantly. - a deep, hard couttb. Mi ¦¦mwh '.f my eystum began toshow the effertsof thls that I lost flesh.grewpale. and ehowed every yinptom of an early dcatb by consumptlon. When mattrrs luid reachedthls stajfe, or abont Flx montliw ao, I began the use of Sanfori's ICauicil Curx For Catarro. After nnin the flrst bottle I beKiiu to improvü rapldly. The flrst doaescemcd tocUar my tacad as I hnd not known lt to be for yean, It secmed eradually to arrest the discharges. It ntopptd my cough in thrtê ftayt. ïïy usliitr it as a earglc I soon rcduced tho lullannnatfon and pwelllng o? my tonsils, bo that they soon ccast'd to trouble tne. The sorenoss ncroKS my chest dlsappeared, tho huzznig nolses In my head ceased, my sensesof eelnjf and orhearlnsr were completely restorod, and every vraptom of dlscasc that had reduced me to tn verfre of the irrave dlsappeared by the nse of Santobd'h IíadicalCue fob Cata iïrii. I hnve been thus expllclt becaoae, as a druintiot, I huve een agreat deal of sufferlng from Catarrh, and htjpe to convlnoe many that thla Is a ereat remedy. I am familiar with tne treatmont or Catarrh as practised by the best phyBictans, and have consnltcd the mout eminent about my case. I have uscd every kind of remt'dy and apparatua that have appeared durinsra perlod of Bix yeurs past, and have, wliilo followlng their ase, taken Kreat carf of my general health, hut obtalned no relief or encouragiMnent Irom any of them. Boston, Feb. 23, 1875. OEO. F. DIN8M0RK. BrTTOUC, M. Feb. 23, 1875. Then porsonally appeared the sald Geonre F. Dlnsmoro, ti n tl madu oatli that the foregulng statement by hlm subscrlbed Is trne. Beforn me, SETII THOMAS. Jastlco of the Pcace. Each packftge contains Dr Sanford'slmprovedlnhal lnc Tntn-, with full dlrectlons for ne In all caaec. Price, f 1.00. For sale by all Wholesale and H.-tall DnyreliU througlnmt tho rnlied Btateö. WKKKS A POTTER, General Agent and Wholesale Drnggists, Boston, Mass. VOLTAIC PLASTER Affords the most gratefül relief in all Affections of the Chest and Lungt. CHRONIC PLEURISY CURED. fcsir. Wmi & Tottib: Ocntlemtn, - nTlnir for many montli jnst uffered with a very lame ide, calltd liy my pliyslclao Cbronlc Pleurlny, caused by a foruicr lnjury mul Btruln, and fnr which I uiicd mnny prescrlutlonnilllnlmrnt, a well the so-called rhcumatio care, without the Icatt bcncllt, my physlclan rcconiniendcd ono of yoor C0LLIK8 voltaio Plabtkbs which. to my Rreat mrprlBe, rsllerrd the pain and oren8 almost luiincdlatcly, and 1 have boen able to attpnd to my nousehold analrs ever alnco with perfect oase and comfort, whereas, before the annllcntion of your inminable Planter, I wan carcely able to do anythlDK. I conslder thom lnritlmablc and ahall with plCMUrc rvcomuieud them to the afflleted. Tonr ro¦SÏÏS Me., April jK1" "KN. Therc is no medical or protectlve appllancc that wlll prove ho grateful and tfTective in Tlckllng Cougha Irrltntlon and Poroneos of tho Chpst and Lungs. V'e hclleve them canablc of prevcntlng senous dlseascs of these organs. PRICE, 25 CENTS. Do not confound these PlMtrrs with tho ordlnary PlOMtvrs of the day, that by comparlson are absolutely vortblru. Be carcfol to obtain CoLT.rxs' Volt aio Plabtkh, a cnnihlnatlon of Klucirlc or Voltaic Pinteo with a hlgbly Metllcated Piaster, aa seen in tho abovc rut Sold hy all Wholcnalo and KeLatl DrugIsU throuhout the l'nitod StatoH and Cañadas, and by WEKKS &. POT: TKIi, Proprletors, Boston, Mass. - --