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ANTÓN EISELE, DEALER IN lumniiiHiUTS The public le iuvited to cali and examine specimens of the ceiehrated KNOXVILLE, TENN., MARBLE Of whlch we have a ynpply of nw d'ipr:p. It Ifi cnpcrior to any marbl in beauty ard dnrahiiity, and tasen tbe place of Se tch (;. PKICES L,OWEUTIIA HÏIK. WORK ALL WAHR1NTED. Shop- Cor. of Detroit and Catherlne Stfc ANN AKBO1Í, MICHIGAN. Hl'flf A1I about IPPVAC s e n d &. iïzz i L A Ai) of the CAZETTEER &. CUIDE, which containa full Information on all mattere of intereat rei at mg to tho " Lono Star State," and a new correct oounty map of Teias, aöi25 inches. JOHN ROSS4CO., GEN'L AGENTS, ST. LOUIS.MO.. WILLIAMW.NI0HOLS,rfjT IDBISTTISX 1 Jfct Barcesaorto (4. W North. Ofllr.e, V öoatb MiL Stroet, jppos1teNtiori.i Bi'.nk I K Liti erty8treet. V'tron .TMf m iTnfr(iitpro'ï whfir ík SI I lllfii' ihc pain ii' .11 I M 1 HM w Uni miv bal 'i M _ . mm m . Hnnt'i Itcinrd.v. K BI ¦ I ' " - ¦¦¦¦'¦ OIÉl. I 1% m urii )ry tirLraD,'lroiv, ¦¦¦m ¦ inveL, iiiv t niit t fl dttcMe i ï k;-!n-' -. ii i: i i tinnce il retentluBOl nrtné.sre onred b Hunt's Iteniiy. I is prepvrd tXi'KKsl.Y .ir tbe ilif famiTou CpODt] . ''fttni'i PenDojlvanl, ( Dfrtr iHr - 1 must HÜNTS 8 KM EO Y bl rHifi-il iliud. li liiiM'd me rrom 1 -.! lor -urr. tlif aoctefi h&d iriv'-n m u[i to dl4 in S1X HOI lts, indsohnd!! Uwpeoplfti M) irii-ml called in tho pi Mst to prcpMrc mri ror dcdth, ftnd h' utd I wiie domd. They all ImuI me daad, but Munt'! HetiH'dy saved me, anvi I 8"Ul)d ml cnri ]{. % Fiota l; .lor, I). I)., I' ,.-t t Firt I ('Inrcli, PreTldence, H. I.. .Un. s, 1S7H: ¦9Ufy t(i the viiiur of 111 N I KHMKHY in kidin'.v dtaearen fr.mi ,ctna titel, ' ïfMtljr lilüKliiti-il hy Is il-,.. Í OU. m m m m m ¦ ¦¦¦ ¦ fe Ilinifs lii -nii-ilj kl T I r '' '"¦¦'' " '¦" l'.v aiMil l I %:1' lor ;i lUlfl wM .,:¦-. li n.'ver ¦¦¦ " TWkooi li i suffe, afire tod _ _ _ _ _ -poi'ily Ufé. It IDciicnv - ncmcui; ('LARKK hniiiivr, t(. I Snld ly nll Orillee"-'", ai d ly Farrand, Williams Co., Detroit. PBBDON IiüMBBR YARD JAMES TOLBERT, Prop., Manafactarer and Dealer n 8ACINAW GANG -SAVVKD LUMBER, IATH AND SHINGLES. Wt atl to kvu uk ;i en. und examhkE ooi tork bcforu porchisInR eiuwher AKBNT FOK JACKSON StWER PIPE CO., AND SELIÜ K1RB BIUCK. JAMES TOLHERT, l'rup. T. J. klllll. Hapt. Mi.11,'7 '