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Management Of Bees

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The great progresa of bee management within the past year or two ís encouraging to the genoral iotroduction of bees on the farm. It is often more de tri men tal than one would supiose to allow more open space insidja the hive tlianthey can well fill ; and it often happens that the hotiey season ia in full bla."t befbre some colonies are ttrapg enough 'o have much roo"m given thcin. Ii ia dusiiable not to change the locatioD of hiven, unluss it beconies absolutoly necessary to do so. Afier the bees have become fmiiiliar witli their location, should the h i v i K moved a few feet, they will not notice it when departing on thoir daily round, and if there are otlicr liivt-s near, llu-y umy periab in attemptinK to enter them or in wandeling bout seeking fur their owti home. Capt. Bátfs' plan for a twelve-traok milway acrosM the isthimis to carry sliips has been followed byanot her plan by .Mr. öoodwin, a Pennsylvatna enninoer. Capt. Bada proponed to make his cars a nort of ciadk' to carry the ships. Goodwin proposes to mako bis cars carry a huge tank cootaininï water enough to float a ship, and o save it from the strain incid-nt to carrying it on the frame of a eradle. As a ship must displace a volume of water cual to its own wcight before it can float, it is clear that the entire volume of water nccesary to be carriud niu.-t be enormous. Tbere tuay be water to spare in the two ooeans for this kind of transportaron purpoi-es, however. An attached conple - Oyster sbelk