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W'ritten for The Courier. Washington, D. U., March 19, 1880. The reported quarrel between the President and Seoretary Sheruian ia probably made out of whole oloth. Their relations are the bent, and will probably will reluain so. It is well to observe the rule that Kepublican quarrols are manufacturad chiefly by Demócrata, and have no real foundation. The Republioan party have an idea that the present year is to be one ofgreat importanoe ia our history, and they do not propose Jo fritter awsy any chances by indufging in personal quarrtl. The elcctions commtttee of the Senate have vtod to cointuit as greut au outrage as their í'ellow Demócrata propowd but failed to commit in Maine. They will try to steal the seat of Senator KellogR, of Louisiana for SpafFord, who olaiiaa it simply beeause he is a Bourbon like the present majority, and, if posible, they delire to secure control of the Senate for tbe futuje. They will find, however, that Senator Blaine learned something abouc thc-c thiugs in Maiuc, and will apply his knowledge in this case, and there are plenty of Republican Senators to help him reaiüt this infauious gauie. Captain Kades bas been before the cotíresional comniitte again to teil about bis plan for a ship railway across the Isthuius. He shows over aud over again tbat it is uiuch oheaer than any canal project evei presented. Tbe oommittee nd membere generally are very fayorably iuiprcssed with Captain Eadea sbowing. General Johu B. Hawley' ret-icrnation as Asi-istant Secretary of the Treasury was unexpocted. Ho bas not beeu saiisfied with the position, aud it is likcly tbat his resignation was hastened by the fact that thereby bis chances for the nomination f'or Governor of Illinois may bc increased. The Star route deficieucy bilí has paased the Senate. It gives the nnblio printer eleven hundred thousand dollars, which 3 quite an increase over the amount npprtipriatod by the House 8iid which will in orease the bappiness of tho coutractorg accurdingly. Tbe Senate does not ciitieise the action of the Poatmafter Geneial in increasing the routes to such an extern, neithcr does it criticisc hiru, but intímales that he must not do so any more. It ia reported here that hrgq numbersof minen uw selders, pending the agrecnit-nt with the Uton f'or surreudenng their reservation, are locating claims to a hirge exttait 011 the land. There is danser of colusión between the Utea and the whites, and the rhiil's now here are going home to prevent, il' possible, such a cataatrophe. Leo. TluNorihernPafifloral'iroadhaacncountpred a KÍni;uliir difficulty on its Iakota divisiim, Erw i't eau-ed hy tlie (jfquonl alteraation of thawing and rVeeiing weather durine the latttr part of the winter. It Mema tliere lias l'oen oomparatively little snow on the Dakota prairies; but by M9H of tho RTM8 htÍM 'oc" burnud off by the prairie Bres 10 the fall which overrmn iho whole uljac 'nt regiob, the froion groimd everywhere presented a surfaoe as hard and siuooth as a polinlied floor, and what little snow there was, which thegrass if preserved would have held, was iwept t ver ihis siuooth surface lef(ire the nis, ;uid pilorl up on the railroad track. Thcn it was tuelted by the thawing weather and theu i'rozen Sgain, so 88 to fortu a casing of ice upon the track, which ia removed slowly and with difficulty.