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Senator Blaine

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From a sketch hy Ft .1. RmdeU. Mr. Blaino, with tho.e whn Ituow hiin, is the most popular of uien. The charm of his nmnner íh beyond expres-ion, and no body comes within the circle of hi9presence that U not overeóme with his fascinations. With liis great brilliancy he has that exquisito show of' deferehee to hn coinpanions, a hort of appeal to theru to verify or deuy hi.s words that ú very taking. _ He is alao a good listener, and hun a familiar way of ipcaking odc's Dame and placing his hand ou uae's koce that is au agreeable salve to odc'ü vanity. There s no acting ui the h' :i. tiine-H of his tuanner. lie is au itnpalMve man with a very warm heart, kindly instinefa and generous uature. He is open, ii :i ii k aud manly. One element in hia nature impresses itselt' upon uiy uiind in a very emphatic nimmer, and that is h8 coolueua and selfposessioii at the most exciting ppriods. I liappencd tu be in his library at Washington whi n the ballotinp was going on in Cincinnati od tliat hot July day in 1876. A tc!egraph instrument wa on his library table, and Mr. Sherman, hi private seoretary, a deft operator, was m&nipnlating itw kcy. Dispatches carne from hundreda of frieníi giving rhe last votes, wbich only lacked a few of the noniination. andeverybody predicicd thc euooesí oí Blaine on tiiu iR'xt ballot. Ouly four peráonH beeides Mr. Sherman were in the room. It was a uiomunt of great exuUumeut. The next vota was quiatly ticked over the wire, aud then the next announced the noniination of Mr. llaye. Mr. Blaine wus the ouly cool piT.-üu hi the ajiartmeot. It il ,-uch a ïover.sal of all anticipatious and ii-iiiiuin that beif-pot8i4sion was out of the quedtion, except with Mr. Blaioe. He had jut lett Iim bed after two days of uneonsciousues from uiiHtroke, but be was as solf-po?se8Sed as the portraita upon the walls. He merely gave a murmur of surprise, and bcfore anybody bad recovered frotu tho Hurpriic he had written, in hin firoi, fluent band, tliree diapatche, dow in my posses6Íon - one to Mr. Hayes, of congratulation ; ouc tu the Maiuc delégate, thanking tlieiu for thoir devotion, uu another to Eugeoe Hale and Mr. Frye, asking thciu to go pertonally to Columbus and present LLs goud will to Mr. Hayes, with promiMS of hearty aid in tl.e campaigo. The occasion añected him no more than the news of a serrant quitting his employ would have done. Hall' au hour afterward he was out witli Secrutary Fih in au open carriaKi!, CÉceiïilig the cheers of thousand of people who gnthered about thft telegraph bulletins. Charming aa Mr. Blaine is io ordinary social intercourse, it íb in the faiuily cirele that he is st hie best. No man in public lite ia more fortúnate in bis domestio relations. He is the oooapanion and confident of every one of his aix ohildren. He is one of the same age, and theyfoar hiin no more than tbey fear one of thcir own number. Mrs. Blaine is the model wil'e and mo'her, and more is due to her Btrong judguicnt, quick perception and heroic courage than tue world will ever know.